20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

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20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

Jobs for Mums | Stay At Home Mum

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5. Interior Designer

Interior design specialises in home design, planning, and renovation. One really needs to have an eye for aesthetics, as the appearance of a space needs to stand the test of time. In addition, practicality of use is considered, so you need to be flexible. If you have these qualities, perhaps you can be a great interior designer!

4. Photographer

Photography, like interior design, requires an eye for aesthetics and beauty as well as skills. For skills, there are a lot of online short courses that you can take; some photography classes are even free! You can practice photography and specialise in a specific field, like wedding or birth photography.


3. Caterer

Working in the culinary field may require long hours and strict schedules, but if you choose to turn your passion for food into a business, you may be able to work at your preferred pace. You can take orders whenever you’re free and impose a specific allowance of time for you and your staff to work on them.

2. Accountant

This may be a surprising entry on this list, but, just like project and human resource managers, the development of online software has also made accounting and bookkeeping a flexible and even possibly remote job. You need to be a graduate of a diploma course, but there are many schools and universities that offer it.

1. Website Developer

Now that almost every business is developing its own website, being a website developer is an in-demand job that can be done freelance. You can accept projects and work at your own pace as long as you’re staying within the deadline. You may also partner with a graphic designer and put up your own firm!

Jobs for Mums

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