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How to Impress at a Job InterviewGet The Job!

You’ve applied for the job and you’ve been called in for an interview – congratulations!

They are obviously impressed with your experience and skills and now it’s time to back it up with a stellar interview performance!

Here are some ways you will smash it and impress your interviewers.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

via www.tazablog.com
via www.tazablog.com

This might seem obvious, but nerves definitely can keep us awake all night. You do not want to turn up tired and yawn throughout the interview. Plus you want to be on your A-game when answering questions, and tiredness can interfere with that!

2. Eat breakfast

This will give you the energy to make it through the process and be able to focus. Plus a tummy rumble mid-interview is awkward!

3. Be well presented

Find out what the company’s dress code is before going to your interview. Although you want to match the recommended attire of the company, if in doubt, go more formal than casual.

Don’t forget to take a shower, wear deodorant, but skip the strong perfume or cologne. If you wear makeup, keep it natural.  

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