40+ People Share Stories To Describe What a Vagina Tastes LikeNow, our curiosity has been answered!

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  • 40+ People Share Stories To Describe What a Vagina Tastes Like

Sweet, spice, or is it everything nice? Wonder what does a vagina tastes like?!

For ages, men and women alike are really curious what does a vagina tastes like…and now it has been answered! We’ve squandered all over Reddit and we’ve gathered these 40 vajayjay stories from what people are saying about the taste of the precious lady garden.

What Will My Vagina Look Like After Birth | Stay at Home Mum

A Rusty Coin

A friend who shall remain anonymous said he’d only tried it once….  And a rusty coin is what he compared it to.

Like Salted Fish and Pennies….

“Like salted fish and pennies, but it a good way….


“This is a good description. It’s like an onion to me. It doesn’t have any flavor, but it has aroma and chemical compounds that give the impression of taste…

Tastes like an Armpit

It either tastes like nothing, or kind of like what your armpit tastes like after a day of not showering.”

40 People Share Stories About What Does a Vagina Tastes Like | Stay At Home Mum
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Pork Products

“So watery….yet with a smack of ham to it!”

Unflavoured yogurt

“Pee, at first, then unflavored yogurt. Especially if you dip your tongue into her hole. Otherwise you kind of lick away the flavor and it’s just fleshy, no flavor, and that musky pungent smell.”

Sour and tangy

“Person/hygiene/diet? I might say there is a sour or tang to the taste. Do you know what I mean?”


“I think vagina tastes like Puppy breath smells.”

What People Name Their Vagina

So Descriptive..

“It doesn’t taste like coins, but more the taste of your sweat after you have been holding coins for awhile and then like your palm”


“Transcendent. Fucking. Bliss.”

40 People Share Stories About What Does a Vagina Tastes Like | Stay At Home Mum

Combo taste…yum!

A hint of salt but a sweet taste to it.”


“Eat a snack sized bag of Chili Cheese Fritos and then bite into a Granny Smith Apple, that’s what a vagina tastes like.”

Squishy and squid like

“It’s like licking a dead squid. It’s awesome”.

She’s like a drug

“Nectar, water, salt, and citrus, mingled with the scent of her hair and her skin and her sweat. It is intoxicating and heady, in all the best ways.

If it tastes/smells like fish, she needs to see her gyno and get checked for bacterial vaginosis (bv).”

Like a metal spoon

“First time I ever got to that stage with a girl, I was feeling a little uneasy about eating her out, so I thought to myself “hey, maybe it would be better to finger her and then taste my fingers to find out what a vagina tastes like”. I did the deed, pulled my index and middle finger out (they were moist) and then decided to taste it. Just like a metal spoon.”

Depends on the diet

“Depends, on the girl and her diet. But for the most part, acidic, a little fishy sometimes peppery, moist wet aroma. The musk would be similar to how your crotch smells since it is in the same area. I do remember having to hold my breath when I went down on my ex. You are licking the same area where her piss comes out of.”

Cheers and let’s drink to that!

“It tastes like metallic beer.”

Honey Soy Chips

“Like honey soy chicken flavored chips, 10 minutes after you have eaten them.”

40 People Share Stories About What Does a Vagina Tastes Like | Stay At Home Mum

Sweet Combination

Like nectar, water, salt and citrus, mingled with the scent of her hair and her skin and her sweat.  It is intoxicating and heady, in all the best ways.”

A Nine-Volt Battery

“Like a nine volt battery that has been sitting in the drawer for a year or two.”

Wet Meat

It doesn’t really have a specific taste, but the smell makes me imagine one. Like… Wet… Meat.”

Sometimes fruity and sometimes dinghy

“My wife tastes like tangerines. Lately, she has been eating a lot of broccoli and it tastes really dinghy and acidic.”

The cross between a lemon and a battery

Citrusy and rusty at the same time.”

A Raw Dead chicken

“Like a chicken. Obviously, a dead chicken from the grocery store uncooked. Buy one and lick it. Or lick the back of your hand let it dry and smell it.”

It’s just delicious!

Depends on the girl. Some are kinda metallic. Some taste like not much of anything. Some are sweet, some are a little more salty. Go to is to say it’s delicious.”

Sour Patch Candy

“It has an acidic kind of sour-ish taste. Suck on a sour patch kids candy. That’s not far off.”

It doesn’t taste good the way a watermelon tastes good

“It doesn’t taste good the way a watermelon tastes good, I think it’s more the mental idea that this is a coochie in my mouth and this is how it tastes and fuck that’s awesome.  So basically, if something that wasn’t vag tasted like a vag.”

She’s sweet because she’s diabetic!

“I’ve only eaten one woman’s vagina and it was, in fact, an enjoyable experience.  She tasted sweet.  It wasn’t until a few months later I read aqn article that stated how vaginal secretions are mostly blood plasma and I put two and two together, she was a diabetic.”

Pussy Psychic

“Ahahaha (diabetic here) my first boyfriend said to me one time “you taste sweet today”. I thought he was trying to be cute but then he’s like “no seriously, sweet like sugar”… So I tested my blood and I was way higher than I should have been… He became the pussy psychic and would tell me when I needed insulin.”

Taste like Heaven

Depends on the hygiene habits of the woman, but most coochies I’ve tasted were heavenly and I couldn’t get enough.”

She is what she eats…

“She is what she eats when you eat her. So if her diet is heavy on fruits and veggie stuff stuff like that? (no asparagus please) She tastes sweet.  If she has a meat-driven garlic pizza with pepperoni and fish cakes type of diet?

One serving is enough.”

Such a unique taste  – it’s like a sex fingerprint

There have been some not so great vaginas in my past. But on the whole, I’d say I genuinely enjoy the taste of a woman. Such a unique taste and everybody is different – it’s like their sex fingerprint.

It’s not like I want vagina flavored something, but the flavor of vagina is generally pleasant to me.”

Like Regret…

Good pussy tastes like basically nothing.  Bad pussy tastes like regret.” – Via Reddit

A sip from the oasis

“It’s not the taste, it’s the want. Pure desire is what makes me love every aspect of it. Like a thirsty man in the desert taking his first sip from an oasis pond.”

Honey, my love, so sweet!

“Depending on what she eats, my wife’s pussy actually tastes like honey. I am ridiculously lucky.”

Ummm Seriously?

“Vagina tastes like the fan exhaust of a PS4” – Via Reddit


“I’m not a man but a queer/bi woman and fucking hell do I love pussy, I like the way my own tastes too but I have yet to have a bad experience going down on another woman. It’s just the most delightful tangy flavor and since I associate the taste with the pleasure of topping someone I care about it gets me going like no other.

I feel the same way about giving blow jobs and cum when I’m with men. Maybe I just like sex fluids, I just enjoy tasting the essence of my partner and showing them how much I desire them.”  – Via Reddit

As long as the canyon of love is kept fresh and clean, there’s nothing to worry about going down there.

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