WTF is Sissy Play?

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WTF is Sissy Play?

Gender roles are definitely more fluid and flexible these days.

Go back 40 years ago, and the last thing a man ever wanted to be called was a ‘Sissy’. Sissy, back then, meant weak, a failure and the inability to be masculine in any way, shape or form.

It isn’t like that these days of course, now – some men are choosing to challenge the idea of being masculine and entering into something known as “Sissification”. This is where a man willingly puts themselves into what is also known as “Forced Feminization” which is where they de-emasculates them and earn the privilege to be called a “sissy”.

Sissy Play can be very liberating, particularly for men who are traditionally a ‘Man’s Man’. And more men than you might think enjoy it!

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How Does Sissy Play Work?

Sissy play will often include having the submitting (man) dress up as a women and then also acting in a feminine matter. This dress up, can go as far as full makeup, hair and nail polish. Sissy play can also include taking on tasks and behaviour roles that are known to be feminine and also adopting feline mannerisms.

Sissy Play Doesn’t Mean “Transgender

Sissy play is different from being transgender, as sissy play isn’t really about becoming a woman, it’s about a man volunteering to let go of all his masculinity and then being able to reverse the process when necessary.

Often, a man will need to change his name through the process, going from “Chris” to “Christine” or “Daniel to “Danielle”.

When Sissy Play goes to the bedroom, it can include a variety of different sex toys. Some of these may be:

  • Chasity cages
  • Strap Ons
  • Gags
  • Nipple Clamps

As part of the BDSM community, there are many who partake in Sissy Play in the bedroom and enjoy exploring the idea of removing masculinity and becoming more feminine.

Now, if your partner is up for the task of becoming more feminine, or you just want to explore it and give it a try – here are some recommendations of sex toys to help you get started.

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Enjoy! *wink*

WTF is Sissy Play? | Stay At Hojme Mum

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