17 Uninspirational QuotesBrutally honest but relatable quotes because let's face it, shit happens.

At some point in our lives we look for inspirational quotes to help us through rougher times…

But sometimes UNinspirational quotes can make us feel even better because we’re not the only ones who feel the same way.

The world is not always evergreen and as much as we would love to hate it during those times, I guess it’s better to suck it up and have an excuse to be a bit uninspired. Because we are proper adults who could handle any type of shit. Yep, you read that right.

So here are some uninspiring quotes to inspire you today. Enjoy

Why of course it always does. 

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Not all the time, though. I love waiting for my makeup parcels!

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Life is such a mofo.

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Well you can’t because this shit right here, is a monster.

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Really now, huh?

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I’m fine with it because Queen B is life. 

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Yep, always do a follow up if you haven’t fucked it up enough.

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I’m pleased to tell you that we’re alone in this world, mate.

I love raisins. I love wine. So we’re quits now. 

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‘Cause we’re profound like that.

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Like drunk texting, yes?

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I’m thinking of the infamous meme. And I’m thinking that it’s correct.

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Napping is the water to my soul. Just can’t live without it.

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Or “Here’s a whole plate of chocolate cake.”

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Self love is life but material things are also life. LOL.

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But I love it when I cook up a storm and take everyone on a cyclone trip with one surprise rip. Heeheeheee

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So what, we all die anyway.

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Can you get any more demotivated by these? 


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