Ben Wa Balls: You Stick Them Up Your What?Using Ben Wa Balls To Get a Strong Pelvic Floor

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Ben Wa Balls: You Stick Them Up Your What?

A strong pelvic floor is helpful for your health and your sex life. If you wish to have a pelvic floor of steel you need to make sure you give it exercise, either with Kegels or with the use of Ben Wa Balls or otherwise known as Venus balls, Geisha balls, orgasm balls, love balls, and also rin-no-tama.

It is not just childbirth that can affect your pelvic floor; weight gain, getting older and high impact sport are all reasons why our pelvic floor is not as vibrant and strong as it once was. 

You might have been recommended to use an Elvie Trainer to help with your Kegel exercises. An Elvie Trainer is a device that is placed in the vagina like the Ben Wa Balls, the Elvie Trainer connects to an app on your phone to give you real time feedback on how you’re doing with your exercises. 

With the Ben Wa Balls you get feedback at the same time you are doing your Kegels so no need for an app. 

The Elvie Rechargeable App Controlled Kegal Exercise Trainer

So, what are Ben Wa Balls?

Typically found in Adult Shops, Ben Wa Balls are insertable weights for your vagina, and they are helpful for strengthening your pelvic floor.

A strong pelvic muscle improves bladder control, plus having super strong pelvic floor muscles means that you have improved blood flow which in turn leads to greater pleasure…yes, the ability to reach orgasm more easily! 

You too can be a body builder…more like a vaginal weightlifter.  

Unlike a regular body builder your weights are hidden and secret.   Your pelvic floor can get ripped (in a good way with making it super strong) and no one will ever know you are doing your daily pelvic weights.  Ben Wa Balls come in many shapes, sizes and weights.  They range from the size of a small marble through to 3 – 4cm.  Some are made from light material such as plastic (medical grade of course) and are weighted with ball bearings.

You start on the light weights to get used to ‘squeezing’ your kegel muscles (clenching and releasing) around the ball.  As your kegel muscles get stronger, you work your way up through heavier weights to build your internal muscles.



Benefits of Improved Kegel Muscles

There are many fantastic benefits of toning and working your kegel muscles:

  • Less chance of incontinence (if you wee yourself jumping on a trampoline which is very common after giving birth, exercising your kegels will help)
  • Helps keep farts in until they can be released in a more appropriate place.
  • Doing your kegels improve blood flow to your genital area which makes it easier for women to reach orgasm
  • Supports your core which can give you a flatter looking tummy
  • Kegels tighten the vagina
  • Using these exercises during intercourse can make males climax much faster

There are many different types of Ben Wa Balls:

String Ben Wa Balls

As the name suggests the balls are attached by a string or harness and this helps the balls stay together. These are generally made out of silicone and are very well made, plus easy to clean. 

Kegel Ben Wa Balls

These are made a little bit bigger than the standard Ben Wa Balls since they are used to help you with your Kegel exercises. If you are starting out, they have different weights and you can gradually work up to heavier ones over time. 

Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set

Duotone Ben Wa Balls

This variety has hollow balls that allow you to add small metal weights inside. The balls are connected by a string to ensure that they are kept together. The Duotone Ben Wa balls even can provide the wearer with small vibrations and all done quietly so not to alert anyone to your secret fun.

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegal Balls

Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Be prepared that these little beauties will be more powerful that you first expect. Some come with four to six different speeds, if you do get this type it is advisable to have the remote control with you so that you can control your balls at all times.  They come in different sizes and you can opt to have wires, no wires and no remote too. 

Svakom Ella App Controlled Textured Love Egg Vibrator

Ben Wa Balls are made from metal or silicone. You can get either; it is up to you. 

The silicone variety from research mentions it is easier to clean, so if you are looking for some Ben Wa Balls this might sway you to the silicone ones. 

Note: There are possible risks including: tearing, overexertion, pain or discomfort 

If you have existing pelvic pain or issues, are pregnant or recovering from childbirth, just had surgery, you have a menstrual cup or intrauterine device it is best to talk to your doctor first before starting on your Ben Wa Ball journey.


How to Insert Ben Wa Balls?

  1. Before you start you will need to make sure that you have an ample supply of lube. 
  2. Apply lube to your vaginal opening and make sure you are relaxed and lying down in a comfortable position.
  3. Slowly insert the first ball.
  4. Ben Wa Balls or also known as Kegel Balls are connected so this will allow you to easily get them out and to be confident that you will not lose them.
  5. Push all balls as far as they can go and make sure that the string is hanging out. Don’t push the string in yourself as well!
  6. Start doing your Kegel exercises by tightening the balls inside of you. 
  7. If you are new to this you can do it for a few minutes and then lengthen the time each day.  Start with 5 minutes, then next time work up to 10 minutes. Everyone is different and soon you might be comfortable having them in for a hours while you do some chores around the house. 
  8. Make sure to clean the Ben Wa Balls before and after each use. You should wash them with warm/hot water and with antibacterial soap. Make sure that all the soap is rinsed off before you put them away and use them again.

Annabelle Knight Yes! Powerful Love Egg Vibrator

Is it a sex toy rather than an exercise device?

In fact, they are a bit of both.   The Ben Wa Balls have been used for centuries to help strengthen the pelvic floor but also to allow individuals to explore their sensational side. 

Where to buy Ben Wa Balls?

We recommend buying your Ben Wa Balls only from recommended high quality adult stores such as:

Cheap substitutes may be made from the wrong materials and could cause harm.

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Do you have the balls to try Ben Wa Balls?

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