100 School Holiday Activities for Teenagers Who are Easily BoredIf you are sick of hearing the 'B' word...

Most teens go berserk when school holidays start, but as the days go by, some just go bored, and would just want to stick around the corner doing nothing.

So if you’re sick of hearing them say “I’m bored…” and if you’re growing tired of their moping these holidays, here are some suggestions for fun and cheap school holiday activities for teenagers!

1. Crash at a friend’s house.

Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference.

2. Organise a movie marathon nights.

Pick a theme (ie Terminator series) and watch the whole lot in one sitting.

3. Go swimming.

Either at the local pool, at a nearby beach, or at a friend’s pool.

4. Organise a huge water fight with friends.

Tell them to bring all their water guns, Nerf Guns, or invest in some of those water balloons.

5. Mow the lawns.

(and ask for pocket money)…

6. Wash the car inside and out.

(then ask for pocket money)…

7. Go to a theme park with your mates.

or visit the local water inflateable world.

9. Organise a camping trip with friends.

8. Go fishing.

If you don’t have access to a boat, try off the local jetty.

10. Plan and hold a party.


11. Read a classic book.

See what all the fuss was about.

12. Change your bedroom around.

13. Play online with your mates.

Play Wii, Playstation, Xbox.

14. Start your own Youtube channel.

15. Have an outdoor basketball free-throw contest.

Film it and put it on Youtube.

16. Design and make a website.

Then design products to sell and make some money!

17. Download a program to design the house of your dreams.

18. Paint fingernails and toenails or book in for a mani pedi.

19. Apply fake nails with crazy designs.

20. Bake a cake or pie from scratch.

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