The Pros And Cons Of Paying Your Kids To Do ChoresThings You Might Not Have Considered In The Allowance Debate

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There’s always been a bit of a battle on the parenting ground about the paying of allowances for kids when they do chores.

Some parents believe firmly that children should be paid for their work, and that the benefits are clear, while others think it’s crazy to pay kids for chores they should be doing anyway.

So who’s in the right here? Well like many parenting debates, it really comes down to your own opinion on the matter. But to help you making that decision, here are some pros and cons you might not have considered.

The Pros and Cons of Paying Your Kids to Do Chores | Stay At Home Mum

When You Don’t Pay Them


1. You Aren’t Constantly Paying Out

One of the biggest benefits of not paying your children an allowance for helping out with chores is that you aren’t always paying out money to kids who, frankly, have no idea how to manage it anyway. This is particularly true for families on a budget who don’t think that kids should be in charge of their own finances just yet.

2. You Don’t Have To Worry About Managing Them

If you’ve got a lot on your plate one of the great things about not paying your kids to do chores is that you don’t have to worry about helping them manage their money. When kids have an allowance that means they need to have some kind of storage system and some sort of monitoring to ensure they aren’t spending every dime on sugary food and junk. Talk about effort!



1. There’s No Motivation

Unfortunately one of the downsides of not paying your kids to do chores is you don’t have a lot to motivate them. Sure, you can use other rewards, but they’re ultimately all monetary in some sense. Fear can be a great motivator, if you can keep it up, but most parents love their little tykes too much to follow through on empty threats.

2. They Aren’t Learning Financial Skills

Now, one of the biggest downsides of not giving your kids an allowance for chores, or any other money of their own beyond perhaps the occasional birthday and Christmas present, is that they don’t learn key financial skills. Kids who have no access to money tend not to learn the value of a dollar, which means a lot of mistakes when they’re older and trying to become financial independent.

On the other hand, paying children to do chores also comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Read about them on the next page.

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