32 Fictional Bad Gals and Guys We All Secretly Adore (Page 5)Come on, admit it. Everyone loves a Tart!

26. Betty Rizzo – Grease

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: A classic mean girl, who can be super mean even to her friends, she is also known to sleep around and had a pregnancy scare in high school.

We love her: She gradually shows her softer, nicer side especially during the pregnancy scare. Rizzo can be nice after all!

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27. Megan – Bridesmaids

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: To say that she is sexually adventurous is to put it mildly. Let’s just say that these adventures include attempting to seduce an air marshal during a flight and biting a girl’s ass.

Why we love her: Oh, there’s so much to love about Megan. She’s hilarious, brilliant, brutally honest – just the cray-cray friend that every circle absolutely needs!

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28. Charlie Harper – Two and a Half Men

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why he’s a tart: Like most of the entries in this list, Charlie also constantly sleeps around and has had numerous affairs. He’s even had a daughter, whom he never sees; he only wrote her once – to ask if her friends were already 18.

Why we love him: I guess we love him for living the “good” life: beautiful cars and a home by the beach.

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29. Miss Piggy – The Muppet Show

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: Miss Piggy is one Prima Donna and considers herself the star of – well, everything. She’s also a little “bipolar” and can go from charming and adoring to terrifyingly angry.

Why we love her: You’ve got to give her props for not letting anything stand in her way. She’s truly determined to become a star even if she came from humble beginnings.

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30. James Bond – 007

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why he’s a tart: He’s had several short-lived affairs and, in order to get vital information from women, he often resorts to his favourite method of manipulation: seduction.

Why we love him: Even though he does not have deep relationships with people, he possesses and is brilliant with a lot of skills including languages, aviation, and combat.

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31. Penny – Big Bang Theory

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: Coming from a dysfunctional family background, Penny, though always alluring, once screwed up her relationship with Leonard when she was unwilling to reciprocate his love despite her actions.

Why we love her: Her humour and wit are a breath of fresh air, and she always manages to fix what seem to be complicated problems for the geniuses with simple and practical solutions.

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32. Mike Lane – Magic Mike

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why he’s a tart: He’s a professional stripper. Need I say more?

Why we love him: Not that we are biased or anything, but the story is actually loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life. Also, we love that Mike eventually realises that he’s had enough of stripping and went on to live a more “normal” life.

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Do you know characters who are a million times badder than these? Let us know!

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