Our Honest Youfoodz Review (+ Discount Coupon Code)

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Our Honest Youfoodz Review (+ Discount Coupon Code)

We are enjoying trialling all of the different pre-prepared meals on the market – and Youfoodz is no exception!

I am always a bit time poor, especially with six kids at home and working multiple jobs. Meal prepping has always been difficult for me, it’s hard to find the time to shop for all the ingredients, then prep it all at home especially with the kids running around.

I’ve always had good intentions, but it’s been hard to get around to it! That’s life! But there are options! I have seen Youfoodz at my local petrol station, the packaging looked nice and the meals looked pretty good. So, I thought I would give it a try.

Youfoodz Review: Who are Youfoodz?

Chances are, you’ve either eaten a Youfoodz meal or heard of them at least! They are pretty popular, with over 4,000 stockists Australia wide, as well as offering delivery to over 3000 locations. Youfoodz has had one goal since starting up in 2012, which is to provide healthy sustainable pre-packaged meals, snacks and juices. In total, they have over 100 different meals, snacks and juices that you can choose from.

Youfoodz has actually been recognized as the Number 1 Healthy Meal Delivery Service in Canstar Blue for 3 years in a row, impressive stuff. You can have their meals delivered directly to your door, just hop onto their website and check to see if they deliver to your postcode. Each meal is pre-prepared, so no cooking required except heating it up! It’s convenient and easy, removing any meal prep, cooking, or any cleanup.

They also catered to different sized appetites, with a large range perfect for those that need a bit more food to keep them going. You can be rest assured that the meals are fresh, because they focus on finding the best suppliers in Australia and supporting local farmers.

Most of us also know that when we have bought lettuce, and other vegetables all with good intentions, only for them to go rotten in the bottom of our fridge. These meals also reduce the amount of food we waste, which really can also save you money as well.

Youfoodz Review: Ordering Online

You can purchase Youfoodz meals within a store as well as online. The website is simple and easy to use. The first thing is to just check that you can have the meals delivered to your area (below) and then shop away!

Youfoodz Review Check your Address online | Stay at Home

It is simple and easy to sign up, and once you’ve signed up. Just select their menu tab, and go through which meals you would like.

Youfoodz Review: The Menu

There are six different options in the menu. These include:

You can refine your search for meals with particular dietary requirements including:

  • No Nuts
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegetarian
  • No Eggs
  • Dairy-Free

You can also filter down the search with a particular amount of calories per meal with clean meals, relaxed meals, or balanced meals.

Each meal will quickly give you all the information. Just by scanning your mouse over the meal, you can find out calories, proteins, carbs, and fat per meal. Perfect if you are eating in a calorie deficit, it makes it so easy to keep track.

Youfoodz Review Menu Select | Stay at Home

It is really easy to add meals, you could very well meal plan a week or even two weeks at a time. Once you’ve ordered your meals and gone through the checkout, if you plan on using Youfoodz regularly, you are given a discount code to receive 25% off your next 4 orders.

If you order more than $89.00 worth of meals, you get free delivery. Woot Woot!

By using the program, you can also collect velocity points.

Youfoodz Discount Code

We have a special discount for our SAHM readers, Use code SAHM200 to get $200 off your first 5 Boxes, How good it that!

Youfoodz Review: My review

I found the Youfoodz meals for $10.00 at my local petrol station. They had a pretty good range, with about 10 different meals. I purchased 3 to start with, just to try it out. Of course, the biggest question is, how does Youfoodz taste?

Youfoodz Taste Test: Creamy Garlic Chicken Kiev & Chips (My Favourite)

I went home after doing an F45 workout, with my meals in hand. The first meal that I tried was Creamy Garlic Chicken Kiev & Chips. Honestly, I was really impressed by this meal. Sometimes when you buy pre-packaged meals, when you heat them up, they end up looking all wet, sloppy, and gross.

This meal didn’t – it looked fresh, like normal food! Youfoodz is brought frozen so I guess that helps keep the contents fresher. I was equally as impressed with the taste! Particularly the sweet potato chips! I know when I had this meal, I made a mental note to order it again because it was so good. It was worth the $10.00 because if I were to make that meal at home, it would have cost me more than $10.00 and also taken up my time preparing and cooking it as well.

Youfoodz Review: Chicken Kiev Unopended
Youfoodz Review: Creamy Garlic Chicken Kiev & Chips – 345 Cal 
Youfoodz Review Chicken Kiev Open | Stay at Home
This one tasted amazing! Nothing soggy, not even the broccoli.

Youfoodz Taste Test: Other Youfoodz Meals that I tried

Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognese:

This one was another one that I really liked. It had a nice homemade taste about it. It was yummy, filling, and looked great. I added some extra cheese on top once I had heated it up, for a little extra flavour. Side Note: I purchased this one the day before and froze it, and it still was fine.

Youfoodz Review Nonnas Bolognese | Stay at Home
Youfoodz Review: Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognese – 469 Cal
Youfoodz Review Nonnas Bolognese open | Stay at Home
Tasted really good! Pasta wasn’t overdone which was surprising. I added cheese but not needed.

Garlic Chicken & Creamy Potato:

This one I wasn’t a fan of. But I think that is just because of my taste buds. Once it was heated, it looks yummy! But there was something in the flavour that didn’t sit well with me. So, as any girlfriend would do, I handed it over to my partner to eat, which he happily did! He said it tasted yummy! So it was probably just me 🙂

Youfoodz Review: Overall

Overall, I really liked Youfoodz meals. Sadly, where I live I can’t have them delivered. This is a bummer because I could really see myself meal planning and using them on a regular basis! A trip to the petrol station to grab a few every now and then will do me. They are nicely packaged, fresh and when I pick the ones that suit my taste buds, they taste amazing!

Remember to use our Youfoodz discount code of SAHM200 during checkout online to get $200 off your first 5 Boxes!

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