10 Beautiful Beach Tents to Protect Your Family from the Sun

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10 Beautiful Beach Tents to Protect Your Family from the Sun

A sunburn is the one thing that may completely spoil a fun day at the beach, right?! We are a fair skin family and having a great beach tent helps us stay longer!

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If you’re bringing kids to the beach, remember to lather them up with sunscreen and find a cool, shaded location for them to play when the sun becomes too intense. And here is where the beach tent enters.

If you’re planning a trip to the beach, you most likely already know that you need to bring along full-coverage sunblock, sunnies, and flip-flops. However, you may want to add a shade or beach tent to your list of necessities so that you may take a break from the sun when necessary.

It is important to have a haven to wind down in the shade and sun protection for yourself and your family as rising temperatures keep delivering record-breaking temperatures to regions throughout the globe every year. With a beach tent, you can do exactly that.

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So, How To Choose The Best Beach Tents?

If you intend to buy something you’ll be satisfied with the very first time, there are several factors to keep in mind; whether you’re looking for the finest pop up awnings for the beach, a seaside dome tent, an umbrella, or anything else.

Check out this one for a reliable buying guide:

Type Of Beach Tents You Need

10 Beautiful Beach Tents to Protect Your Family from the Sun | Stay At Home Mum

Cabana-Type Beach Tents

A beach cabana or gazebo is a high-rise tent that delivers good overhead sun shelter. The majority of them lack a floor and often have no walls (but some do). You may comfortably sitting or standing in a full-size, comfy chair beneath a gazebo or cabana, and frequently there is enough of space for a tables, an ice bucket, and other beach equipment.

Pop-up Beach Tents

In the outdoors and camping world, the pop-up quick tent has just revolutionized everything. Unlike a regular tent, it doesn’t require setting up separate tent poles and may be set up immediately as a canopy.

Beach Umbrella

Since they have existed for so long, beach umbrellas hardly need an introduction. They are often inexpensive, light, and simple to toss into the car’s trunk.

Although they are simple to set up and retain in position, beach umbrellas don’t offer much shade. You’ve probably seen at least a few wafting about in your beach period.

A beach umbrella, on the other hand, is ideal for those quick excursions to the beach when you want to devote the majority of your time in the sea.

10 Beautiful Beach Tents to Protect Your Family from the Sun | Stay At Home Mum

Canopy Beach Tents

The finest beach canopy tent has really no partitions or a platform and is somewhat comparable to a gazebo or cabana in that it offers good overhead sun protection. A canopy typically only needs one or two poles to support it and is held in place by a rope.

Canopies often feature a ton of headroom, allowing you to stand up or sit on a regular-sized chair while yet providing adequate above protection. Additionally, there is frequently enough space for a table and numerous beach accessories if you have an extra-large beach umbrella.

Half Dome Beach Tents

A half-dome beach tent is essentially a cross between a normal beach day tent and an umbrella. It resembles an umbrella that is on its back with an additional side wall cover. While it offers little shade than a beach tent, it is far better for seclusion than an umbrella and is perfect for shielding you from the wind.

Half-dome tents exist in various sizes, but most are rather tiny and can only fit a limited number of individuals inside, without seats or low beach chairs. They, therefore, don’t offer the best overall protection from the intense Australian sun.

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Mobility And Weight

When looking for a shade to go backpacking or on road trips when space is limited, it is crucial to consider the shade’s weight and pack size. In other instances, you might need to make a compromise and only choose a modest beach pop-up tent that offers little shade and collapses into a tiny space.


You should think about the size you require before buying a beach tent. To choose the right size, first think about the number of folks you want to cover and any other things you want to keep inside, such an icebox or beach equipment.

You do not require an overly huge beach tent that will offer you and the rest of your crew shelter if you only need it to safeguard your belongings securely, and a few water bottles to cool while you’re in the water.


Regardless of the beach shade you choose, be mindful to open it up and test how it sets up in your house before you travel to the beach. No body wants to have an argument at the beach while sand is flying everywhere, sun is blazing and frustration levels are high. The finest beach tents will have you arranged and packed down in a matter of mins. 

Without further ado, here are the 10 Beautiful Beach Tents to Protect Your Family from the Sun!

1. Our Favorite Pop-Up Beach Tents: Pavillo Cool Mount 2 Pop Up Tent

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Whether you’re going on vacation, hosting a sleepover, or attending a festival, the Pavillo collection of tents is your hassle-free, portable answer to enjoying the most exciting and relaxing experience possible when living outdoors. Setting up the pop-up tent simply takes 3 minutes!


  • Single-layer pop-up style tent with one entrance and 2 large side windows with insect mesh covering for improved ventilation
  • Fiberglass pole structure for easy pitching and folding
  • Guaranteed water-tight seams
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Inside pocket for storage
  • Includes pegs
  • Includes carry bag

2. Best Seller Pop-Up Tent: Explore Planet Earth Speedy 3 Pop-Up Tent (LED Lighting)

10 Beautiful Beach Tents to Protect Your Family from the Sun | Stay At Home Mum

No matter if you’re an experienced camper or a novice eager to test the waters, you won’t get a terrible night’s sleep with these pop-up beach tents!

Additionally, the EPE Speedy Pop-Up Tent has rope LED lights in the ceiling, saving you the expense of buying an additional light for your tent. The soft light is the perfect place to unwind while reading a book. This one is also ideal for children who might want a calming glow before bed.


  • Fast and easy setup
  • Side windows for ventilation
  • Intents Lighting System with USB battery adaptor (batteries not included), or uses standard power bank (not included)
  • Fully taped seams
  • No-See-Um mesh
  • Fire retardant
  • Reflective guide ropes
  • Accessory pockets
  • Airflow system
  • UV protected

3. Best For Families: Coleman Heat Shield Deluxe Gazebo

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The well-known and dependable quality gazebo now has cutting-edge Heat Shield technology! Heat Shield technology shields you and your family from harsh UV rays by blocking 98% of them. Additionally, the surface temperature is lowered, allowing you to keep cool this summer.

This gazebo is your best friend this summer, ideal for camping, picnics, family BBQs, and Sunday sports outings because of its quick pitching and sturdy construction. The simple-to-use easy-glide frame even has Coleman’s unique no-pinch grip.


  • Wind tested to 100km/h
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Steel welded feet
  • Tough 300D seam-sealed canopy for extra durability
  • Unique D-shaped frame with easy glide technology for smooth setup
  • Coleman patented no-pinch grip
  • Includes wheeled carry bag with expandable gusset for easy pack away
  • Directly connect to Coleman Northstar and Gold Series tents thanks to the continuous velcro strip

4. Best For Instant Camping: Zempire Aerobase 3 Pro Deluxe Wall

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Well, if you’re an impulse and on-the-go camper, you will certainly love this one! In just a matter of minutes, you can put this one up and even connect it to the back of your car!


  • Vertical side walls
  • Zip on the wall attachment
  • Zip around internal window covers
  • Large mesh windows

5. Best For Sporty Family: OZtrail Multi Shade 6 Sun Shelter Tent

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This portable shade is ideal for the beach, a sporting event, or a family picnic. It can comfortably seat 6 people because of its sturdy cross-bracing structure, lightweight design, and simple setup.


  • Cross brace construction provides quick easy setup and greater strength
  • Anti-sheer shock-corded fibreglass poles for greater strength and easy assembly
  • Longer lasting silver coated UVtex Sun Tough fabric with water-repellent treatment
  • Side and rear mesh panels for cross ventilation
  • Heavy Duty puncture-resistant floor
  • Includes sand pegs and sand pockets for added stability
  • Easy to handle compact carry bag

6. Best For On-the-go Couple: Pop-up Half Dome Tent

10 Beautiful Beach Tents to Protect Your Family from the Sun | Stay At Home Mum

The Komodo Pop-Up Beach Shelter UV50 is the ideal option to shield yourself from the sun’s dangerous rays while spending the day at the beach. At the beach or in the garden, this pop-up shelter is quick and simple to assemble and offers great shade.


  • UV 50 protection from the sun
  • Protect yourself and the little ones from harmful rays
  • 2 Second pop-up with a breathable design
  • Reflective 190T polyester fabric
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to store
  • Includes carry bag, pegs, and built-in sandbags

7. Best For Big Family: Komodo Beach Cabana Shelter UV50

KDCABNAVYMA new hero | Stay at Home

This beach shelter, which has a UPF 50+ rating to protect the entire family from the sun, may be used to relax in the shade at the beach or find shelter from the rain when camping.

The tent itself is water-resistant, so it can endure heavy rain. The sand pockets can hold up to 16 kg, which retains it securely on the ground and inhibits heavy winds from knocking the tent over.


  • UPF 50+ Beach shelter
  • The water-resistant coating keeps you dry during the rain
  • 4 Sand pockets that hold 16kg of sand to hold the tent down
  • Steel poles support the tent against strong winds
  • 4 Internal pockets for easy storage
  • Accommodates 4 people
  • Easy to pack into 1 storage bag
  • 4m² of shade

8. Best For Long Travels: Family Camping Beach Tents 

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Going on a camping trip with a large group? Then, I t makes perfect sense to get the 12-person Dome Tent for this purpose.

These kind of beach tents are the pinnacle of luxe beach camping with two roomy, separate sleeping areas on either side and a sizable living space in the center. Beyond the roomy interiors, these beach tents have many other wonderful qualities that make them a top pick among choosy campers and beachgoers.


  • 12-person dome tent
  • Heady duty 190T 3000mm PU
  • Two private sleeping rooms
  • One large front living area
  • Oversized zipper doors
  • Entrance shade awning
  • Mesh windows
  • UV and water-resistant
  • Ropes and pegs included

9. Best For Instant Beach Shade: Caribee Long Reef Ultra-Portable Beach Shade

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Depending on where the sun is in the sky, you may pick from many different setup positions with the Caribee Long Reef Beach Shade, which can be quickly and simply put together by one person.

So, whether you want a short tent in front and a long awning in back, or you want equal amounts of shelter on each side of the center pole, it’s up to you and the wind.


  • Maximise your view
  • Ensures great ventilation
  • Provides excellent UV protection
  • Easy to assemble

10. Best Overall Convenience: Komodo Hexagon Mesh Screen House Marquee Tent

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With a pop-up marquee tent, you can add a touch of elegance to your outdoor gatherings and use it as a covered BBQ and eating area at the beach, in a park, in your garden, or for shade or protection while keeping your food safe from the weather and insects.

This marquee tent can be quickly set up and taken down, making it perfect for a variety of activities. Take it on your next vacation!


  • Hub screen marquee tent
  • Ideal for camping and outdoor entertaining
  • Removable mesh walls allow air to flow freely
  • Fits groups of 8 – 10 people
  • Protection from mosquitoes and other insects
  • Fast and easy to set-up
  • Strong metal frame
  • Tie down points prevent wind damage

Hope This List Helped You To Get Ready For Your Next Beach Adventure!

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