7 Creepy Child Reincarnation Cases

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To most people reincarnation is a skeptical topic, there are some cases where it has proven to be realistic and mind-boggling.

There are widespread cases of people recalling their past lives, backed up by vivid memories and encounters suggesting that indeed, they once lived.

Children can be creepy, but they’re even creepier reincarnated! These stories range from young children narrating their past lives to adults remembering their past names, spouses, relatives and even occupations. The most crucial evidence to justify these wild claims, is that the true identities of the people they talk of, places and artifacts, can be substantiated in real life from demographic records and even real-time witnesses.

With this in mind, you may believe that reincarnation is real, if not, at least believe that there is something weird going on that points to reincarnation.

Here are top 15 stories of young children who have proven to have lived before their current lives.

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Dorothy Eady – The Egyptian Priestess

dorothy eady | Stay at Home

Dorothy Easy was born to Irish parents in 1904.  When she was three years old, she fell down a flight of stairs and was knocked unconscious.  When she finally came around, she kept asking her parents to ‘Take her home’.  Her speech patterns were also noticeably different.

Within a year of Dorothy’s accident, her family took her to see an Egyptian exhibit at the British Museum.  When she saw a photograph of the Temple of Seti I, she cried ‘There is my home!’.  

Dorothy’s obsession with anciet Egypt grew as she got older, and she continued to tell her family and school stories of living in the past.  She moved to Egypt when she was 27 years old and married an Egyptian man.  She was given the opportunity to work with researchers in Egypt’s Antiquities Department where they tested her claims by taking her to a room within the Seti’s temple in the dark and asking her to describe the wall paintings.  She did so – perfectly.

Dorothy died in 1981 and her contributions to Egyptology were incredible.  She is one of only a handful of children with reincarnation memories that lasted into adulthood.

Edward Austrian the 1st World War Veteran

5 Creepy Child Reincarnation Cases | Stay At Home Mum

Four year old Edward Austrian begun complaining of a sore throat that gave him such unimaginable discomfort and excruciating pain. His mother, Patricia Austrian, became worried when the situation worsened and suddenly took a twist. Edward started narrating to her about the dark days when he was deep in the trenches of the war, apparently, the 1st World War. Doctors had already rubbished Edwards tales of being shot in the war and removed his tonsils just as a precautionary measure even though they didn’t have a reason to as they had not found any possible cause of this condition.

Edward then went ahead and recounted his past life in the war and confirmed that he was killed by being shot in the throat. It’s only after narrating this weird story that a cyst that had started developing on his throat disappeared. Neither the cause of the cyst nor its disappearance, later on, could be explained by doctors.

The Pollock Twins

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11 Year old Joanna Pollock and her younger sister Jacqueline (6) were walking to church with their friend Anthony in Hexham, England in 1957 when they were struck by a car and killed instantly. Anthony died in hospital soon after.

The girl’s parents were devastated by the loss. But saw a silver lining when Florence became pregnant with twins not long after. Identical twins Gillian and Jennifer Pollock were born in October 1958.

When the twins were four years old, they started pointing out landmarks they hadn’t seen before such as the school where Joanna and Jacqueline went to, and the playground that was the girls favourite. The twins asked their Mother for toys that they had never played with, that were owned by the deceased girls.

John Pollock was convinced that the twins were reincarnations of the girls that had been lost. Florence wasn’t convinced, until one morning when she heard the girls talking about the car accident. ‘The blood’s coming out of your eye’s. That’s where the car hit you.”. The twins were always anxious around vehicles and would should in terror ‘The car is coming to get us!’.

When the twins turned five, they lost all their memories of the girls.

Gus Taylor, the Grandfather yet his own Grandson

5 Creepy Child Reincarnation Cases | Stay At Home Mum

Gus Taylor’s case is just as spooky as Edward’s. The difference is that he claims to be his own grandfather. Gus was able to identify his late grandfather on family photos. The weirdest thing is that the grandfather had died a year before Gus was born and at 4 years old, it wasn’t possible for him to know his grandfather, the same old man he vividly recognizes in photos.

Matters took a creepy twist when little Gus started talking of his sister’s murder, yet in real life, he didn’t have a sister. Upon further inquisition, the grandfather did have a sister who was murdered thus, all but confirming, that Gus was indeed the old man who had died. He went on further and told people that he had died but God gave him a ticket to come back to life.

Young Imad Elawar

5 Creepy Child Reincarnation Cases | Stay At Home Mum
via The Sun

Imad Elawar was only 5 when he started raising eyebrows of a possible reincarnation case. His first two words were “Jamileh” and “Mahmoud,” and he claimed to be from a neighbouring village and not the one where his parents are from, weird right?

One day, he stopped a stranger and insisted that they were neighbours. Nobody understood this bizarre phenomenon and this prompted the parents to seek the services of Dr. Ian Stevenson (see photo). They visited the village Imad had talked about and went ahead to verify 51 facts out of the 55 he had talked about including his mistress in his past life, where he hid his gun and most shockingly, had a conversation with another stranger about their times during the war, all this while still a child.

Cameron Macauley the Barra Boy

5 Creepy Child Reincarnation Cases | Stay At Home Mum

Although born in Glasgow, Scotland, Cameron always claimed that he is from Barra which is an hour away by flight. He clearly described the place as an island that had a beach where planes frequently landed and had a white house. He also claimed to have a pet, a black-and-white dog. He mostly drew the white house on the beach sands and complained of missing his mother so much yet he had his mother by his side. Cameron also remembered his dad’s name and death in a fatal car accident.

All these prompted his mother to take him to Barra where the plane actually landed on the beach. There was a white house and even the black and white dog in a family picture in the home. The white house was actually where his father’s childhood home was and Cameron seemed to know his way around. He also identified the car in the portraits.

James Leininger the Navy Pilot

5 Creepy Child Reincarnation Cases | Stay At Home Mum
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Our last creepy case of reincarnation is that of James Leininger who recanted of his past life as a navy fighter pilot. While his fellow kids played with toys, he was only interested in toy planes. Suddenly, he began losing sleep and often talked of flying planes, sophisticated air-force weapons, and how he passed on in a fatal accident as a pilot. Nobody took these claims seriously but when he showed his mother a fighter plane drop tank and proved to have the ability of doing a comprehensive pre-flight check on a real life plane, people started taking his claims seriously.

He further suggested that he used to take off from a boat called Natoma and was friends with his co-pilot, Jack Larson. All James’ claims were verified as Natoma actually existed and Larson was still alive. He told his father that he was killed in Iwo Jima’ where his father met a pilot called James M. Houston.

If these 5 cases haven’t made an impact on your view of reincarnation, then, nothing will. Obviously, we have to rule out causes like identity confusion, wild conspiracies and coincidence as the facts in these cases are too real, especially if it’s a child giving such substantiated facts and memories of their past. Well, it’s up to you to decide what to believe in.

However, the question remains, who would you choose to come back as?

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