Ten Healthy After School Snacks

Ten Healthy After School Snacks

Ten Healthy After School Snacks | Stay at Home a lot of mums know, kids are famished when they get home from school.  More often than not, the quick fix, unhealthy snacks are an easy solution, especially when you are running around between after school activities, but they don’t have to be.   Most kids snacks are high in carbohydrates and sugars and lacking in nutrients, often not keeping them feeling full until dinner time which is ideally what you want.

High nutrient foods containing protein, fibre, calcium and iron are good options.  Foods high in fibre and protein are great to help the stomach to feel fuller for longer and iron and calcium are important nutrients especially for growing kids.

Here are 10 healthy after school snack ideas to give your kids after school.

Mountain Bread Wrap

Versatile mountain bread makes great wraps and there are a wide variety of fillings options for a healthy and easy snack. Use like bread and use a spread, or fill with yummy salads and meats to really fill them up.


Healthy muffins using ingredients such as oat bran, whole wheat flour and ground flaxseed along with fruits and berries can easily be made in advance and kept in airtight containers or frozen. Use SAHM Basic Muffin Recipe and add your own twists!

Ten Healthy After School Snacks | Stay at Home MumCheese and Crackers

Rather than purchase pre-packaged processed cheeses with crackers, slice a good quality fresh cheese and go for a whole wheat type cracker for a better option to the average biscuit.

Fruit Salad

A variety of fruit makes a great healthy snack.  To make things more interesting, make a fruit kebab by placing alternate fruits on a skewer or  you could also use small  cookie cutters to cut out shapes of sliced fruit.  Greek yoghurt makes for a great dipping sauce!

Home made muesli bars

Store brought muesli bars often are not very healthy so try making your own at home and keep them stored for a few days in an airtight container.

Corn Thins

Top these with any healthy topping you want such as avocado and tomato or even peanut butter in moderation is a good snack.

Vegetable Sticks and Dip

A colourful array of  vegetables such as carrots, celery, sugar snap peas, green beans, cauliflower and the like can be used for dipping.  Home made dips such as a guacamole are quite easy to make but store bought can also be used, just check the ingredient list for healthier versions.

smoothie1 | Stay at Home Smoothie

Making your own smoothies are easy and also very filling. A variety of fruits can be used and many, like bananas can be sliced and frozen ready to use.  Yoghurt can also be added for a thicker, creamier smoothie.

Pita bread and dip

Use pita bread sliced into wedges, oven baked with a light spray of olive oil as an alternate to chips and dip into a healthy store bought or homemade dip.  Alternatively you can use the pita ‘chips’ for homemade healthy nachos.


Buy a low fat non sweetened yoghurt such a greek and drizzle with honey and fruit.  Yoghurt makers are relatively easy to buy now and easy to use if you prefer to make your own.

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