Top 10 Most Cooked Recipes in October

Top 10 Most Cooked Recipes in October

We love our countdowns, and recipes are no exception. Eat your way from 10 to 1 with the most cooked recipes from the Stay at Home Mum community for October, 2014. Here’s the list in descending order:

10 – Speedy Chocolate Mousse
9 – Leftover Chicken Roast
8 – Slow Cooker Corned Beef
7. Traditional Vanilla Slice
6 – Home Made Ice Cream
5 – Chia Choc Orange Slice
4 – Old Fashioned Caramel Tart
3 – Home Made Gravy
2 – Apricot Chicken Slow Cooker
1 – 120 biscuits for less than $7

Do you agree with your fellow SAHM viewers? Tell us your top recipes below:

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