How to Start Pet Sitting Business or Pet Daycare Centre

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How to Start Pet Sitting Business or Pet Daycare Centre

We all love our pets.  And we want them to be happy.  If you love animals, why not start a Pet Sitting Business or pet daycare centre and make the animals part of the way you make an income?

This is the perfect business to start that will cost you less than $100 to get going!

If you have a lovely fenced yard and lots of love and cuddles to give, consider becoming a Pet Sitter or starting a Pet Daycare Centre.  Have your clients drop off their fur babies in the morning, and give them loads of love and attention during the day. 

Send your client updated photos about his or her pets day, and give start a Facebook Page showing how much fun your guest pets will have at your place!

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What You Can Expect to Make Owning a Pet-Sitting Business

You can expect to charge from $20 – $50 per day per animal. If you have multiple animals at a Pet Daycare, that could really add up! You could charge extra if you did some dog walking or dog grooming services on the side.

What Would a Pet Sitting Business Entail?

Well, there are quite a few options and niches in the pet-sitting area. They include:

  • You could visit client’s home when they are away to feed and water their animals and play with them.
  • You could have the pets at your place when clients are away
  • You could have a dedicated Pet Daycare Centre where animals can play together for the day.
  • You could start a kennel.
  • You could do dog walking or dog training (some training for you would be involved).
  • You could learn dog grooming

Excellent Animal Handling Skills are a Must

As well as a love for animals, you will need to have some basic skills in handling unruly animals. Do you know what to do if your animals get hurt or in a fight? You also have a Duty of Care to take care of that animal and all of its needs whilst you are in charge. Duty of Care for animals is based on the internationally recognised ‘5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare and they include:

  1. Ensuring the animal in your care has adequate food and water available
  2. You provide adequate accommodations for the animal whilst in your care
  3. You understand the animal’s normal behaviour patterns
  4. You treat any disease or injury promptly
  5. You hand the animal appropriately at all times

Dog Mullets are A Thing

Dog Groomers are cashing in on the Dog Mullet Trend happening at the moment. So if you have some Dog Grooming skills, maybe specialise in this fabulous bogan niche within your Pet Sitting Business. You can charge big dollars for this type of serving!

NT News fiercest mullet competition nominations closing, Humpty Doo-based  pomeranian Lucky | NT News

What Legal Requirements Will I Need for my Pet-Sitting Business?

You should look into Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance just in case anything happens to either yourself or the animals in your care. Contact your local insurance provider to get quotes.

You should also check with your Local Council to see if there are any limits on the number of animals you have on a property at any one time.

How to Find Clients for your Pet-Sitting Business:

  • Approach local veterinarian clinics to see if you can leave promotional leaflets on their countertops.
  • Pet Food Stores are also a great way to advertise.
  • Start a Facebook Page for your Pet Sitting Business and post loads of images of cuteness.
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Where Can I Learn More?

We have just released our book on how to get started with your own business from home!
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