The 30-Day Sex ChallengeCan you do it?

You’ve probably heard about the various 30-day challenges in the internet…but what if this time, it’s “sex”?

The 30 Ab Challenge, the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge, the 30 Day Fitness Challenge – all designed to help you reach a goal by the end of the month.

This time, a Huffington Post article challenges couples to try this frisky 30 Day Sex Challenge and it motivated me to try my own too! For 30 days straight, for one entire month, I will have sex with my husband every single day. No rest days. No injury days. No days off.

Yep, we will have sex every day, even on days when I want to kill him. Even on days when I haven’t slept more than four hours. Even on days when I feel absolutely disgusting. Even on days when the kids are sick. Because I never back down from a challenge. So, without further ado, I give you, that time my husband and I had sex every day for a month…..

The Challenge…

Me: “I want you to have sex with me every day for a month. Like, every day, we have to have sex at least once. And we can’t cheat. And we can’t make up days by doing it twice on weekends. It’s for work. So whatcha say?”

The 30 Days Sex Challenge | Stay At Home Mum
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Husband: “It’s for work?”

Me: “Yah… I am gonna write about it.”

Husband: “So everyone can read about it?”

Me: “Yeah basically.”


Husband: “Yeah, okay. Do you want to start now?”

Challenge accepted.

And so it began, on a Sunday night….

30 day sex challenge


The Obstacles 

And it started off so well.

Until day five, when I got a freaking UTI. Now, normally a UTI is my ‘get out of sex’ card and I don’t mind playing it. But not this time. Nope. Because injuries can’t strike me down. I have a challenge to finish. So I did what any competitive-driven person does,  I downed a litre of cranberry juice, 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water and baking soda and got back in the saddle.

The 30 Day Sex Challenge | Stay At Home Mum

Then we hit day 11. Sweet baby cheeses, this was a fun day! Hubby and I got into the fight of all fights (someone crashed the car and someone else flipped the f out about it). We didn’t talk all night. When I got into bed he was pretending to be asleep, lights out, on the edge of his side of the bed and, he had PYJAMAS on! I have never seen him wear pyjamas in my life! What’s a girl to do? I reminded him about the challenge. He said “Fuck the challenge.” I told him I couldn’t quit. “It’s for work, remember.” “Fuck work.” So I pulled out the big guns; the super sexy moves that I was saving for day 30. Mission complete.

The 30 Day Sex Challenge | Stay At Home Mum

Day 14 and 15 marked 48 hours of gastro for the kids. Our daily trysts occurred at 2 am one night and 12:30 am the other night (we’re more of the asleep-by-10-pm kind of folk) and that was in between washing the towels and putting the kiddies into the shower for the tenth time. But we soldiered on, together, in sickness and in health.

Day 17 also proved tough as I was utterly exhausted from the gastro bouts. Just between you and me, I may have been asleep for this one.

And of course, let’s not forget about the week of Red Tent, which made it’s appearance on Day 27. Now, normally during Red Tent week the nether-regions are always always always off limits. But how could I fail? Especially when I’m so close to the end? So into the shower, we went.

The 30 Day Sex Challenge | Stay At Home Mum


Let’s Make it Interesting

Now, how do you have sex every single day without getting bored? Sure, there are a number of positions to try, but there are also other ways to make it interesting. We didn’t follow this routine, but it might be fun to try, you know, the next time:

30Day Sex Challenge

The Results

So, after sleeping with my husband every night, did it strengthen our relationship? I suppose you could say it did. Even on nights when we were both so tired or in the middle of a fight, we had to have sex, because the challenge said so. Usually, we would end up in giggles because of this and it was hard to go to bed mad. So there’s that.

Did it make me want to continue on our daily sexcapades

Today is day 31. And there will be no sex tonight. And probably not tomorrow night either. I know a lot of couples have sex every day anyway but we’re not them. I like my days off. I like rest days.

Did it teach me anything?

Emotionally I suppose it was a bit of a confidence booster to know that husband wanted to sleep with me every night, night after night, after night. And he wasn’t like “oh man, do we have to?” Physically, perhaps my ass is a little tighter? My arm muscles might be a little stronger too.

The 30 Day Sex Challenge | Stay At Home Mum
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Was it worth it?

Hey, any challenge that you successfully complete is worth it. The feeling of accomplishing something is well worth the pain and suffering. You get the bragging rights to say that you did it. Maybe I didn’t get a trophy for completing the 30-day sex challenge but I did get chafe, a UTI and stronger arm muscles out of it.

And that’s the same as a medal right?

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The 30-Day Sex Challenge | Stay At Home Mum

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