The Menstrual Cup You Can Use During Sex

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The Menstrual Cup You Can Use During Sex

Welcome to the Future of Period Sex!

Menstrual Products are just getting better and better- and this advance means that you can now wear a menstrual cup DURING sex with total comfort.

Yes, you read that right.

Really, there is nothing wrong with period sex, in fact, some people enjoy its benefits – but it can get very messy! We really don’t want our favourite sheets or white towels stained!

Just to be super transparent here.. sometimes its not even worth the headache of washing those stains off so its a handy excuse to give to hubs.

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Placing dark towels or really old sheets is an option – but that isn’t really sexy and could put you off the mood. And it takes work!

Shower sex? That’d be cool. But my anxiety gets the best of me. I’m scared of accidentally slipping because of the wet floor and then hitting my head on a sharp surface.

Not really a pretty way to die…..

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So what do you do, if the night’s going really well, the food is good and you aren’t too full, the wine went down really smoothly, the lighting and the music… What if some days, you’re just really in ‘the mood’ but you have your period?

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Well, well well… let me tell you about something my girls and I recently discovered. Turns out, there is a menstrual cup – or should I say disc, specifically designed for penetrative sex during those red days…

It’s Called The Ziggy Cup by Intimina

The Ziggy Cup by Intimina is a revolutionary flat-fit design that can’t be felt at all – no matter what you are doing! It provides comfortable, leak-proof protection that can also be worn during sex without your partner feeling a thing, thanks to its flat design and positioning behind the pubic bone.

Its shaped like a flat disc with a flexible rim, a design which is unique from all traditional menstrual products so it is not shocking to learn that the Ziggy Cup is becoming a popular choice and becoming known (through word of mouth) for ladies who want to have sex during those red days.

It can withstand vigorous-intensity activities for 10-12 hours! Goodness, so many err.. “things” you can do in 12 hours and you won’t have to worry about those white sheets.

And imagine what else can you do during the heavy flow for an entire day without worrying about a leak.

Wear that white skirt, do your yoga, dance all night, run that marathon. If this isn’t just a game changer!

Menstrual Cups are great for the environment and are also cost-effective. A well-looked-after menstrual cup can last as long as 10 years! Make sure to clean it thoroughly BEFORE or AFTER use.

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PS. The Ziggy Cup is also used for home insemination purposes!

Enjoy this wonderful discovery ladies. The only bad thing about this is you will have to take out I HAVE MY PERIOD from the list of excuses not to have sex.

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