25 Seriously Funny Tattoo Fails

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25 Seriously Funny Tattoo Fails

Would you let some practise tattooing on you?

Even if it’s someone talented and all, no way would I let someone ‘practise’ on me! I will never let anyone experiment on my skin especially since it’s something that’ll be on me forever! If you have a million dollars in cash ready that could change my mind…perhaps. I think.

Well, you will agree with me if you’ve seen hilarious tattoo works that failed miserably. They’re all over the internet, see for yourself.

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From hashtags permanently etched onto someone’s forehead to Frankenstein-like mishaps, it’s no wonder there are so many humorous anecdotes related to tattoos. Tattoo fails can range from inadvertently misspelled words – often rendered even more so when the artist attempts to fix them – to designs slightly misaligned in a way that renders them unrecognizable.

With stories like these being shared across social media platforms and sharing sites, sometimes the results are too hilarious for words and have given the world 25 seriously funny tattoo fails.

Tattoo Spelling Mistakes:

25 Seriously Funny Tattoo Fails I Stay at Home Mum
25 Seriously Funny Tattoo Fails via
25 Seriously Funny Tattoo Fails I Stay at Home Mum

You Should have Spent More Money on That:

Oh so Clever – But So Wrong:

Just Why???


See what I mean?

25 Seriously Funny Tattoo Fails | Stay at Home Mum

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