Secrets to Creating Chic & Sophisticated Bedroom Decor

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Your bedroom is the perfect place to express your personal style.

They are a place of refuge for many of us, where we can rest and recuperate from our daily stresses. The bedroom design has to be perfect for this purpose, with the right amount of light, colours, textures and furniture that will maximise your comfort. With a dash of creativity and planning, you can turn any bedroom into a gorgeous sanctuary that reflects your unique personality.

A chic bedroom decor can be created by following these secrets:

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1. Secret #1: If you love it, buy it!

It’s a mantra that we all live by in our everyday life. Whether we’re thinking about clothes, shoes, food or even decorating our home. This is because we know that we won’t regret buying something that we truly love and will use every day.

We should certainly apply the same principle to the bedroom. If you love what you see in a store or online and it will make your bedroom look amazing, then go for it! Spotlight specials, for example, usually carry some chic linen for modern designs. If you find what you love there, buy it. It’s for your sanctuary after all.

2. Secret #2: Don’t be Afraid to Mix Patterns

Yes, do avoid too many patterns and prints as they may overwhelm your space. But, if you want to include some patterns in your design, make sure they are small ones that won’t take away from your elegant design.

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Photo by James Hollingworth on Unsplash

3. Secret #3: Keep it light and airy

Get rid of clutter: Clutter is not only distracting but it also creates a chaotic mood. Keep your bedroom clear of any unnecessary items that can be removed or put away.

Use natural light: Natural light is essential for creating a bright and airy space in your room – it also helps to reduce eye strain and migraines!

Add plants: Plants are great for adding colour, texture, and life to any room! They help make the air cleaner as well as boost your mood.

4. Secret #4: Add a pop of colour with throw pillows & artwork

Since we spend hours and hours in our bedrooms, it’s important that they’re as cosy as possible. Throw pillows and artwork are two easy ways to add colour and texture to your space. For example, you could go for a black or white duvet cover with colourful throw pillows on top. Artwork above your bed also does wonders.

The room just becomes more inviting and comfortable.

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Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

5. Secret #5: Make your bed the focal point of the room!

To start making your bed the focal point in the room, make sure you have enough storage space – this is essential for storing all of your clothes, blankets, and linens. IKEA usually carries affordable storage that’s good enough to keep your room still looking chic. 

Also, keep your bedding simple but stylish- choose a colour scheme that matches the rest of your decor or choose a patterned duvet and matching sheets to add personality to the room.

6. Secret #6: Add a personal touch

All bedrooms should be places for relaxation and comfort. A cozy bedroom should be your sanctuary from the world; the space should really personify you. If you love books, use them as part of the decor. Add your favourite accessories that have calming properties, such as scented candles or essential oils. Just make it your space.

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