My Kid Is FatThe truth about child obesity

6. You just let them eat what they want.

Always maintain a healthy, balanced diet and never let your child have full-range of the pantry. Moderate their snacks and try to avoid any sugary foods after dinner time.

7. You don’t have time to prepare home-cooked meals.

Certainly it makes us happy watching our kids with a huge smile on their face while munching a burger and enjoying a large soft drink, but healthy, home-cooked meals are always the best. See some of our recipe suggestions if you’re stuck for some ideas.

8. You rely too much on strollers

There is no doubt strollers offer safety and convenience, but excessive use can decrease a child´s development. Not only that, when they are still in strollers, despite being old enough to walk, there is a chance they will gain weight from lack of exercise. Those little leg muscles need to learn to walk on their own and move around!

9. Allowing Screen Time For More Than Two Hours

It is not recommend that children aged two to five spend too much time in front of the television, with digital tablets or in front of the computer. Not only is it unhealthy, they can also be exposed to TV commercials that are advertising unhealthy food and beverages.

10. You don’t play with them.

Not all kids are happy playing on their own, and parents should be the first to encourage them to play. It has been observed that children are easily influenced by their parent’s actions, so if you’re not active neither will they be!

Fat children – how disturbing is it? How do you approach the topic with relatives who have overweight children?

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