15 Of The Worst Odours To Be Around When You’re Pregnant

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Everyday smells become a pregnant woman’s nightmare!

What’s That Smell? 

One of the biggest shocks of pregnancy is finding out how our olfactory senses seem to turn against us and go on a rampage to seek out the very worst scents in our surrounding personal space. Our bodies are alerted to the offending odour quick smart without giving us anywhere near enough time to defend our delicate morning (all day and night) sickness tummies! Sometimes, that new and improved sense of smell even reaches out of your personal bubble and lets you know about every sweaty armpit and over-ripe banana within a fifty-metre radius. This must be some kind of prehistoric alarm system designed to forewarn cave-mamas-to-be of any gamey threats in the area, and without deodorant back then”¦well, no wonder they sent the fellas off hunting all day!

15 Of The Worst Odours To Be Around When You're Pregnant

1. Raw Meat

raw meat

Oh hell, doesn’t raw meat inspire intense heaving and retching during pregnancy? If you’re one of the unlucky ones to suffer from ‘The Sickness’, there’s no way in hell you’ll be slicing and dicing for a stir-fry or stew anytime soon!

2. Onions


Naturally pungent at the best of times, these aromatic balls of flavour somehow find a way to send their eye-stinging droplets right to the back of your throat and stay there forever. Ok, not forever, but it seems like it at the time!

3. Body Odour


Nothing like the stench of pit-stink in the morning to make a gal heave her breakfast onto your shoes”¦mind if you are not in favour of bathing or taking measures to lessen the acrid, sour fumes emitting from your body, you probably deserved to be splashed with vom-vom”¦just saying.

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