20+ Ideas For Birthday Party Favour Bags – No Sugar!

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Party favour bags are always a special treat to receive after attending a child’s birthday party.

Come to think of it, why don’t we hand them out to adults after they pop in for a visit?

A cheeky piccolo or some choccies on the way out the door would be great, thanks very much.

We do have to admit though, often these cute party bags are sugar-filled with candies, chocolates and treats and most kids are already wired and hyped up from all the sugary snacks and cake at the party, the last thing a parent needs is a bag filled with more lollies.

Anything to avoid a big spew session. They are always the worst after a sugar laden party. Am I right?

So if you are looking for some great SUGAR-FREE party favour bag ideas, why not try a healthier approach and go for a toy or even a DIY craft instead?

Sugar-Free Birthday Party Favour Bags

There are all sorts of little knick knacks you can pick up from the discount store and $2 shop. You might be surprised at what you can buy that won’t cost you a fortune to hand out after your child’s special celebration. I’m sure the other parents will thank you!

Personalized Face Mask

Face masks have become a part of our daily life and unfortunately, it may continue that way so a face mask is a great party favour to give out especially if you can have it in cute designs like this.

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Personalised Tote Bag

You can pretty much DIY anything these days. Grab a heap of tshirts from Kmart and a paint set so the kids can create their own design.

Tote bags and little cotton wallets are another cute option.

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Bubble wand

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A pack of pencils/crayons/chalk

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection 152-Pack – Get it here!

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Matchbox car

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Mini Lego set


Jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles help introduce kids to problem-solving and improving their focus as well as their fine motor skills. It’s a great party favour idea.

You can get it personalised here!

Personalized Key Ring

Personalized key rings will definitely be a cute party favour and something that will surely last some time.

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Paint set


Cookie mixture with instructions to bake or a mug cake recipe in a cute $2 mug

Pencils or colouring pens

Who wouldn’t love a set of pencils or colouring pens? Even adults will love it, parents will surely hug you if you give this out as party favours instead of candies.


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Drawstring Bag

Friendship bracelet


Finger puppet

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Toothbrush and Toothpaste

If you really wanted to impress the other parents you could always hand out a mini toothbrush and toothpaste to encourage the kids to brush all that sugar off their teeth when they go home.

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Pack of seeds

A beautiful party favour idea for very special occasions like a christening or first birthday party would be a miniature plant or a pack of seeds, that way everyone can remember the special day with something to keep forever!


Story Book

There are so many great places to grab little personalised items online, you could grab a keyring or bag tag with each child’s initial on them, or even a special personalised book that commemorates your child’s special day and includes each friends name throughout the story.


Stuffed Toy or Pet Party Favours

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If you wanted to be super cool you could always get each child their own gold fish or stuffed toys. That would be awesome. But maybe check with the parents first on that one! (Yes, a kitten is going way too far, although I am sure it has been done!)

But wait… there’s more! The options really are endless. You could even grab some cheap T-shirts from Kmart and gift them with DIY instructions on how to tie dye it. Bunnings has sweet wooden craft kits you could give each child to create when they go home and give mum some quiet time. There are also the little mini sewing or knitting kits you can grab from Spotlight or similar to encourage the kids to learn a new skill.  Finger knitting is always an awesome activity to get kids involved with.

There you go. I hope I gave you enough ideas to choose from.

So for your next party why not ditch the lolly bags altogether and head to the discount store for some awesome party favours to really impress your guests, young and old!

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