Servings 12
Time Needed Prep
Ingredients 3
Difficulty Easy

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  • 6 Bananas
  • 375 g White Chocolate
  • 1 Pack Of Mini Chocolate Buds 24 pieces

Nutrition Information

Qty per
91g serve
Qty per
Energy 431cal 474cal
Protein 2.92g 3.21g
Fat (total) 10.4g 11.5g
 - saturated 9.1g 10g
Carbohydrate 32g 35g
 - sugars 25g 28g
Dietary Fibre 1.55g 1.71g
Sodium 46mg 50mg

Please Note - Nutritional information is provided as a guide only and may not be accurate.

Whether you go all out with this somewhat creepy celebration or try to avoid Halloween like the plague, these are too cute not to try! These Boonanas are an easy healthy Halloween recipe to try – all you need are chocolate chips, bananas and white chocolate! They are the perfect combination of spooky and sweet and our kids went batty over them!

Seriously. Batshit crazy. They loved them.


  1. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

  2. Cut the whole bananas in half and peel

  3. Insert skewers or paddle pop stick at the cut end

  4. Place bananas on lines baking tray and freeze for twenty minutes

  5. Melt the white chocolate in microwave safe container for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until melted

  6. Pour chocolate into a tall skinny glass (make sure it's deep enough to hold the entire banana)

  7. Dunk banana, one at a time, into the chocolate using the skewer as a handle until fully covered

  8. Place on line baking tray and add two chocolate buds for the eyes. Add the chocolate buds right away as the white chocolate will set quickly

  9. Eat right away or store in the fridge (for cold boonanas) or freezer (for frozen boonanas)

  10. You can substitute using skewers or paddle pop sticks.

  11. For a healthier option, try swapping the white chocolate for yoghurt.

  12. Boonanas will keep in the fridge for one day or in the freezer for up to four weeks. Store in a large Snap Lock Bag, squeeze out any excess moisture, seal and date.


Boonanas are great for Halloween but they can also be fun for any themed children’s birthday party. And if you’re like me, then you have a fruit bowl filled with almost-too-ripe bananas just asking to be used! The good thing about bananas is that they freeze and store really well. The bad thing about them is that when left on the counter, they tend to ripen really quickly. Here are some ways to make your bananas last longer:

  • Bananas overripe quicker than other fruits (especially organic bananas). Separate each banana and wrap each banana tip in a cling wrap to prevent them from ripening too quickly so you can enjoy them when you want, not because they’ll go off.
  • You can freeze bananas whole, mashed or cut.
  • To freeze a whole banana, wrap in cling wrap and freeze. Can only be done if the skins is not broken/split. Or, you can cut the banana into chunks, place in a sandwich sized sealable plastic bag.  You can even freeze mashed banana (perfect for loafs, muffins and even baby puree). Simply peel, mash and place the contents in a sealable plastic bag. Squeeze the air out, label and date the package and store on the side of your freezer for easy retrieval.
  • After making your boonanas, you can use the leftover bananas to make smoothies, banana muffinspudding, cakes, banana bread, loafs and even healthy banana ice cream.

We’ve got a whole slew of other great Halloween recipes to try as well! Be sure to check out our Halloween Recipes Section for inspiration!

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