Where to Buy Inexpensive Meat in BulkWe list all the places you can get a great deal on meat!

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Meat is perhaps the biggest grocery item cost in a household.

And it seems to me that meat is getting more and more expensive as time goes by.  All families want good, tasty meat, the options of bulk buying and bulk packs and meat that is out of this world. So we have asked YOU, the Stay at Home Mum audience, where you have found the best inexpensive meat – and boy oh boy did you respond in huge numbers!

A tip on getting the best deals:

Most butchers put all their good deals into ‘family packs’ which are a selection of different cuts. These are great as they give you loads of choice when it comes to dinners, and you are getting a great price!

Here is a collective of all your feedback in one place!

Where to buy inexpensive meat in bulk | Stay at Home Mum

Just click on your state below, and find not only all the discount meat outlets, but also where you can buy a beast directly from the farmer that are recommended by other Stay at Home Mum users!

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