17 of The Most Riveting Questions Asked on Ask SAHM This Month!

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17 of The Most Riveting Questions Asked on Ask SAHM This Month!

Ask SAHM is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get!

Another month has passed by and we’ve come up with another collection of Ask SAHM questions ranging from mildly relatable to absolutely fascinating. Let’s go!

1. What the juiciest secret you know?

Top answer:

My ex husband is the father of his cousin’s oldest child. Did not know until the end of our marriage and can’t tell anyone about it.

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2.  What pisses you off with your partner?

Top answer:

When he helps around the house he does random stuff like clean behind the fridge or oven. Not things that actually need done like the bathroom or the windows! And every time we go away for a weekend I’m busy trying to get us all packed etc etc and he HAS to wash the car, like why would you, we’re driving for 5 hours and its just going to get covered in squished bugs anyway!

3. I love my child but I don’t think I like her…

Top answer:

I love my youngest and I like my youngest, he is 8. But I dislike certain parts of his personality. He is a difficult, strong willed child. Has been since day one. For a time I was slightly resentful of how difficult he actually could be. However over the years I have learned to accept that this is his basic nature and come to admire much about him. But there are days he absolutely does my head in.

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4. Why are you having an affair?

I’d like to know why people have affairs. What causes people to stray?

Top answer:

Personally I think people are selfish and crave attention. Spin in anyway you want cheating is still cheating and it’s disgusting. Not happy?? Leave!

5. Masturbation

So how quickly can you get yourself to orgasm? Is it a long process or an individual quickie for you?

Top answer: 

I can be as fast or as slow as I want depending on time and privacy. I find if I take my time the orgasm is more intense and lasts longer.

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6. Would you be upset if your partner rarely ever wanted sex with you, yet would rather watch porn or live cams?

I don’t have an issue with him watching porn. But there very obviously is an issue when he would rather do that than be intimate with me 🙁 

Top answer:

Even though I love and adore him, I refuse to be second fiddle to a hand. Like there’s no way to compete with a hand. I can’t suddenly grow extra pelvic floor muscles and flex them the same way a finger can. I think you need to consider a trial separation. You deserve to feel sexy and marvellous. And he needs to pull his hand off his dick, his head out of his own a*s, and grow up.

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