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Where do you find fashion wholesalers or fashion manufacturers on the internet?

“Where can I source wholesale fashion for my new business?”

“I’ve Designed Some Baby Clothing – how do I Find a Manufacturer?”

But the answers are always vague.

Well, fear no longer because I have done all the research for you and collated all the Fashion Houses and Distributors both in Australia and abroad that I can find and have listed them right here for you!

No need to email me to get the list first – nope – it is here. If you have one to add, let us know and we’ll get it added to the list!


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Where to Begin

It isn’t just a matter of finding fashion wholesalers and your business falls into line.  You need to explore quite a few of them to ensure that their products match your vision – and of course your budget!

Questions you might want to ask yourself include:

  • Are you going high-end fashion or affordable fashion?
  • How many sizes are you planning on stocking?
  • How many fashion items of each size are optimal?
  • Are you going to have a stand-alone physical store or an online store as well?
  • What is the mark-up for your fashion store on the wholesale items?

Questions to Ask a Potential Fashion Wholesaler or Fashion Manufacturer:

Don’t be scared in emailing the wholesaler or manufacturer directly – they do it all the time and there is no such thing as a silly question.  But if you are wondering good questions to ask them  – consider the following:

  • What payment options do they offer?
  • Can they drop ship products directly to your customer?
  • What is their minimum order requirements?
  • What are their requirements for returns.
  • How long does shipping take?

Okay now we answer some of your questions:

What are the best wholesale clothing websites?

Well, it does depend (of course) on the type and range of clothing.  We have broken down the best into the categories below!

What is the best website to Buy Wholesale from China?

Our answer – Aliexpress.  Yes you can wade through the crap and get to the good stuff with our little hint below!


Aliexpress is a low-cost China based fashion and general good wholesaler.  Yes, they are cheap – the key is to ensure you order samples first to make sure you are getting the quality that you are expecting for your fashion boutique. There are literally millions of products on Aliexpress and they are really a collection of sub-suppliers.  The biggest hint is to look for the four star+ stores. See below – make sure you tick this box!

Always Trendin

An Australian-based fashion manufacturer and sustainable wholesaler, who specialise in producing ethically made garments from sustainable materials. They emphasise on being eco-friendly without sacrificing the premium quality of their organic & carbon neutral products. Their team is ready to assist whether you’re creating a bespoke collection, purchasing blanks or leveraging block shapes with embroidery, relabelling or screen prints.

Learn more about Always Trendin! CLICK HERE!

Click on the category below you are looking for!

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