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List of Overseas Based Clothing Manufacturers

Overseas Clothing Manufacturers | Stay at Home Mum

Bali-Based Clothing Manufacturers:

Activewear Bali

Activewear Bali is located in Kerobokan and are the one-stop shop manufacturer for all types of activewear, swimwear, yoga-wear and sportswear.


Fashion and Design Services based in Australia. Visonise does clothing manufacturing, consulting, creative production and fashion design. Manufacturing is done in Bali.

Location: Adamstown NSW

CV Bad Ass Garment

Located in Denpasar, they were established in 1995 and manufacture quality garments for the western export market. Their factor specialises in producing beachwear.

Divine Diva

Divine Diva is both a manufacturing and wholesale fashion business specialising in resort wear clothing, women’s fashion and they also supply quality stretch fabrics.

Franksland Uniform Manufacturer

Frankland design and create uniforms and have a 15-year track record for designing and producing quality aesthetically designed and well-fitted uniforms.  They are located in Kerobokan.

GEMI Clothing Manufacturing

Harris Darmawan Garment 

Located in Denpasar, Harris Darmawan was established in 1994 and will manufacture anything you wish!

House of Ioco Fashion Factory

House of Ioco is located in Seminyak and produce designer clothing and couture garments.

King Trading

King Trading is the only Balinese company that can import specific fabrics for your needs tax and duty-free. They are located in Kerobokan.

One Love Fashion Production

Siobhan and Fionnuala Garment Manufacturing

Located in Denpasar, Siobhan and Fionnuala are Australian owned and manufacture ethically clothing including street-wear, resort wear and children’s garments.


Sovana is a boutique manufacturing facility with friendly and professional customer service.  They pride themselves on quality garments with an on-time delivery guarantee.

Vargare Garment & Swimwear Manufacturer

Located in Denpasar, they are the rising star in the manufacturing world with low minimum quantity orders at an affordable price.  They specialise in swimwear and activewear.

Yogi and Boo:

A Balinese based ethical clothing manufacturer and designer.  They are located in Kuta.

List of China-Based Clothing Manufacturers:

Apparel Win

Small order clothing manufacturers in China.

Bryden Apparel

Bryden was established in 2013 to help independent fashion brands, large fashion houses and e-commerce retailers. They assist clients with designing, creating packs, sourcing fabrics, creating samples and bulk apparel production.

Garment & Product Solutions:

China-based manufacturer.

Hi-Style Manufacturing Company

Manufacturers of Pyjamas, Robes, Jumpsuits, Lingerie, Loungewear and Fashion Accessories.

Savvy Garments

Savvy Garments make menswear, women’s fashion and generally anything you want to make.  They do have a minimum ordering quantity requirement and they don’t charge for samples that are part of the manufacturing process.

Design Make Produce

Design Make Produce offer fashion consultation, manufacturer tours, production management and material sourcing in China.  They also have their prices listed on their website (which is handy!)



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