Mum Shares Graphic Images of C-Section Scar

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Mum Shares Graphic Images of C-Section Scar

A first-time mum posted images of her C-section scar to raise awareness about how difficult it can be to go through a caesarean section, and how it is often considered as “the easy way out.”

Raye Lee, from Springfield, Missouri in the US, posted photographs of her C-Section scar just four days after giving birth.

She shared four images, which show a long, raised scar across her lower abdomen, and alongside these was a heartfelt post revealing just how hard it is to go through emergency surgery while giving birth to her son, Roxas Orion on August 15th.

Mum Shares Graphic Images of C-Section Scar To Tell The World C-Section is Not the Easy Way Out | Stay at Home Mum
Photo grabbed via FB: Raye Lee

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In her Facebook post, she began by recounting what she’s been told about having a c-section. She wrote:

“Oh. A c-section? So you didn’t actually give birth. It must have been nice to take the easy way out like that.”

Then she posted her sarcastic response:

“Ah, yes. My emergency c-section was absolutely a matter of convenience. It was really convenient to be in labor for 38 hours before my baby went into distress and then every contraction was literally STOPPING his HEART.

“Being told at the beginning that I was displaying great progress and wouldn’t need a cesarean section… and then being told that I was being prepped for major abdominal surgery was not a shock at all. It had nothing to do with the fact that I physically couldn’t because I was given no other choice to save the life of my child. Oh, and that surgery is super easy peasy to recover from.”

She goes on to reveal that it was actually the ‘most painful thing” she experienced in her life.

Mum Shares Graphic Images of C-Section Scar To Tell The World C-Section is Not the Easy Way Out | Stay at Home Mum

She then explained how the process went for her:

“Having a shrieking infant pulled out of an incision that is only 5 inches long, but is cut and shredded and pulled until it rips apart through all of your layers of fat, muscle, and organs (which they lay on the table next to your body, in order to continue to cut until they reach your child) is a completely different experience than I had imagined my son’s birth to be.

“This was not pleasant. It still isn’t.’

Ms Lee also recounted how the procedure literally slowed down her day-to-day activities.

“You use your core muscles for literally everything… even sitting down, imagine not being able to use them because they have literally been shredded and mangled by a doctor and not being able to repair them for 6+ weeks because your body has to do it naturally,” she wrote.

However, despite this, she says that the C-Section was worth it.

“I am the strongest woman, that I know. Not only for myself, but for my beautiful son… and I would honestly go through this every single day just to make sure I am able to see his smiling face,” she wrote.

Her post has now gone viral with more than 16,000 reactions and over 15,300 shares.

cesarean section scaled | Stay at Home

She told the Daily Mail: “My C-section story and how it isn’t to be shamed is going viral and I’m so happy that people are spreading the awareness that not all mommies can deliver the ‘natural way’…I am not weak. I am a warrior.”


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