10 Dumb Internet Challenges That Just Won’t Die

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10 Dumb Internet Challenges That Just Won’t Die

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.

While it brings us closer and teaches us things we never knew we needed to know, it also shows us how fucked up humans can be.

Internet challenges have been going on forever – someone does something funny and then the next person tried to top it and all of us sitting at home can watch them in their ego-driven quest.

But while challenges like the Running Man and the Fluffy Bunny can be hilarious, there seems to be an endless supply of idiots lining up to do things that could maim or even kill them.

Maybe its the latest form of natural selection coming into play? Here are 10 of the dumbest internet challenges that just won’t die:

1. Planking

10 Dumb Internet Challenges That Just Won't Die | Stay at Home Mum

Started in 2010 as random people lying face-down on the floor or on top of random places around the home or office looking like dumbasses. But once the challenge was thrown down, people kept upping the ante.

Some planked on police cars, a soldier planked on the barrel of a vertical rocket launcher and people planked atop high set power lines, across railway lines and on top of animals that could bite your face off – like tigers and crocodiles.

A 20-year-old Australian man was killed instantly when he fell off the balcony he was planking on in 2011 and fell, but still the challenge rolls on.

2. The Condom Challenge

10 Dumb Internet Challenges That Just Won't Die | Stay at Home Mum

This stupidness has only just begun, so who knows how long it’s going to hang around for. Basically a couple of guys thought it would be funny to fill up a condom with water and drop it onto someone’s head. As you probably know, condoms are a little more stretchy and strong than a regular water or air balloon.

But I think even they were surprised when it created a fishbowl effect on the dude’s head before it popped a few seconds later.

I’m not going to lie, it is hilarious to watch the original video, but humans being hardwired to be monkey-see-monkey-do, these videos will continue to pop up and let’s face it, even the funniest joke can get old if it’s endlessly retold.

Oh, and as a rule, it’s generally not okay to put airtight seals over your mouth and nose, particularly when they are also filled with water – It is just a bad idea.

3. The Fire Challenge

10 Dumb Internet Challenges That Just Won't Die | Stay at Home Mum

Self preservation is clearly not in the vocabulary of the people trying this challenge out. They literally set fire to themselves.
You’d think seeing someone going up in flames would be a cautionary tale NOT to replicate the YouTube videos.

But I have grave fears for the future of the human race, as people of all ages continue to rub themselves in hand sanitiser and torch themselves with a flame.

4. Vodka Eyeballing

10 Dumb Internet Challenges That Just Won't Die | Stay at Home Mum

This is eye-watering – literally. Someone discovered you could get drunk faster by ‘drinking’ vodka through your eye ball would give you a quick high.

Videos were popping up from 2006 – 2010 but while this one seems to be on the way out, it is not yet dead. (Although I have a feeling that some of these people’s eye sight might be)

5. Choking Challenge

10 Dumb Internet Challenges That Just Won't Die | Stay at Home Mum

WTF!? It has been called Five Minutes in Heaven, Blackout and the knockout challenge, but what it should be called is Look At Me Depriving My Brain of Oxygen and Looking Like a Douchebag Doing It.

Yes the choke hold is a move that has been used in wrestling and other competitive sports for forever, but putting it into the hands of idiots is just a recipe for disaster. And there have been many, many people – mostly young men – who have lost their lives just to get a few laughs from a YouTube video or to rack themselves up some kudos among peers.

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