Would You Have Sex In The Delivery Room?

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Have you ever experienced an intense burning desire that led you to have sex in a really unusual place?

Who would ever consider having sex in a public place? Well, yes, according to this Cosmopolitan magazine article.

The article has been around for a while, but let’s be honest: it is a timeless gem.

Apparently, the 15 most popular and unusual places to have sex include the following spots from around the world;

  • A Church
  • Retirement Villages
  • A Court Room
  • Against a rubbish bin
  • McDonald’s restroom
  • In the backseat of a police car, the following arrest and whilst handcuffed
  • In a bank on the floor
  • In a public car park
  • On a bridge
  • In a cable car in China
  • In public toilets
  • Public swimming pools
Period Sex
Sex in the Delivery Room

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There are also many people who just fantasise about having sex in unusual locations but, out of all of these unusual locations to either fantasise or have sex is there ANY mention of doing it in the delivery room of a hospital before, during or after you have just given birth to your bundle of joy.

It certainly never, ever entered my mind but according to the good old internet, sex in the delivery room apparently does happen!

Yes, there are actually women who have sex with their husbands in the hospital either while they are in labour or shortly after giving birth. I know, it is hard to believe however, if you look hard enough, the evidence is there.

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Sex in the Delivery Room

As for before birth, sex is a commonly suggested method of natural induction due to semen containing prostaglandins, which help ripen the cervix. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this method. Some say experiencing an orgasm could also stimulate your uterus and trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone which causes contractions.

If we are talking postpartum, the standard medical advice is to wait at least six weeks prior to resuming sexual activity as there is a risk of haemorrhage and infection. There is also the consideration that as a proportionally sized human has passed through the woman’s vagina; she can be forgiven for not being too keen for anything to go up it for awhile.

According to some sources, there may be religious reasons for sex during and/or immediately after birth.

Sex After Labour Can be a ‘Form of Sexual Dominance’

During an episode of the US television program “Breaking Amish,” the cast had a revealing conversation about the sex lives of the Amish. One of the female cast members suggested that Amish men were often caught by nurses having sex with their wives just after the wives gave birth to babies… allegedly a way to exert their sexual dominance over their spouse.

Everyone is different and I am certain that there may be some women who do have a swift recovery from child birth. I suppose if you are feeling like it, then why not. However, if your location of choice is a hospital then it would be respectful to give some consideration to the staff and the other patients.

They may be less than impressed if they walk in on you or have to listen to your moans whilst in the throes of passion.

Personally, it is not something that I would have considered after the birth of my daughter.  I was in a lot of pain and heavily medicated. I was feeling less than frisky and it was more of a prescription for abstinence than a turn on!

Did you ever have sex in the delivery room? Did you feel at all frisky immediately after giving birth? 

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