20 Weird Sex Toys To Buy For FUN or RUN Away From

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20 Weird Sex Toys To Buy For FUN or RUN Away From

We can say that any toy which is distinctly bizarre and out of the ordinary can be considered one of the weird sex toys for sale. People have different expectations and preferences when it comes to sex toys, so it is difficult to define what exactly constitutes a normal tool in this domain.

From lifelike penises and vaginas with their own internal heaters, to hydraulically operated contraptions, these options offer unique experiences that can provide an interesting change of pace from traditional methods.

So get ready for some kinky exploration into the world of unconventional pleasure products with these 20 weird sex toys!

They are often seen with some skepticism by those unfamiliar with them, but understanding their purpose and unique designs can give way to immensely pleasurable activities. Unless you have an extreme aversion to any sort of experimentation or unfamiliarity, there is no harm in being open-minded about the possibilities these weird sex toys may offer!

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20 Weird Sex Toys To Buy For FUN or RUN Away From I Stay at Home Mum

Whether you’ve never tried using a toy before or are an experienced user with lots of preferences, this list has something for everyone. From outrageous novelty items like petting fur tails and golden fiddle booties to more discreet products such as vibrators and cock rings, there’s bound to be something here that will tickle your fancy – whatever that may be!

So take the leap and check out what these unique adult playthings have in store – get ready for some pleasure-filled thrills that go way beyond the ordinary!

1. Clone-A-Willy Glow In The Dark Vibrator Moulding Kit Blue

  • Available in colours: Green, Pink, and Blue
  • Price: $64.95
  • Stockist: Lovehoney

No more weird sex toys when you choose the Clone-A-Willy Glow In The Dark Vibrator Moulding Kit Blue! This realistic moulding kit allows users to create a perfect replica of any penis simply by adding water.

Ideal for those who seek intimate thrills and a unique experience, this kit delivers exactly what it promises: a silicone dildo that has the exact size and shape of either you or your lover! It’s ideal for discreet fun without weird sex toys, making Clone-A-Willy truly one of a kind.


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Buy this Willy Glow in The Dark toy with the Pussy Moulding Kit!

2. Clone-A-Pussy Female Moulding Kit

Someone’s getting their pussy…moulded! This unique kit lets you create a silicone vagina with the exact size, shape, and detailing of your own or someone else’s female anatomy! It’s perfect for those who want to experiment with something a little out of the ordinary in the bedroom and make sure their partner is getting exactly what they want. Fun sex toys for women!

OUR VERDICT: Can be icky but FUN!

5916 a5916 pink 000?$primary$&h=1260&w=945 | Stay at Home

3. Silicone Vagina Feet Fetish Masturbator

  • Up to 5 inches of penetration
  • Price: $145.32
  • Stockist: SecretLatex

For those looking for a unique and pleasurable experience, then a silicone vagina feet fetish masturbator is just the ticket. It is soft to the touch and incredibly flexible with a vaginal opening on each sole of the foot that can be penetrated up to 5 inches.

This luxurious toy will give you an extremely satisfying experience that is unlike anything else. With its realistic design, it feels just like real flesh as you explore The wide variety of gratifying sensations this masturbator has to offer.

41muSt4Y7jL. AC SX679 | Stay at Home

4. Penis Rubber Duck

  • Use it or give it to prank someone
  • Perfect for bachelorette parties
  • Price: $29.91
  • Stockist: CraftusKit

The Penis Rubber Duck is one weird sex toy that is sure to bring out a laugh at any bachelorette party or other where a sense of humor is appreciated. Not only is this cheeky rubber duck a must-have for your weird sex toys collection, but it also can make for an excellent prank gift!

However, if gifting isn’t your style, this penis rubber duck can be used as floating bathroom decor – it’s weird enough that it’s likely to get some stares (and maybe even some laughs) from guests who visit!

| Stay at Home

5. Monster and Tentacle Dildos

Monster and tentacle dildos just might be the weirdest sex toys out there! While these alien-looking erotic items may look strange at first glance, they can still provide plenty of pleasure – from realistic textures to carefully sculpted tentacles.

OUR VERDICT: Buy now for the texture pleasure!!

| Stay at Home
  • Price: $94.86
  • 9 inches
  • flexible silicone
  • intricate octopus design
  • Gow in the dark
  • waterproof nature

Let this large octopus glowing tentacle dildo bring some weird but wonderful pleasure into your life!

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Various Monster Dildo and Butt Plug With Suction Cup

  • Price: $50.17
  • Ships from China
  • Silicone base
  • Gree grass color
  • Can be a dildo or butt plug
  • 12 designs to choose from

Plus, its waterproof nature makes it suitable for any fantasy-filled aquatic adventures!

6. Penis Fly Trap Stroker

  • Price: $30.12
  • Non-porous
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Easy to clean
  • Odourless

Playing with your dong can be a fantasy, huh? Try teasing it with this stroker! Not only is it made of non-porous and hypo-allergenic material, but it’s also extremely easy to clean and odourless. That means no weird scents or leftover bacteria lying around to cause irritation or other unwanted reactions.

| Stay at Home

7. Tenox Butt Plug

  • Price: $54.48
  • Available in different colours
  • Available in different sizes
  • Opt for soft or medium hardness

This tentacle egg may look strange but is ready to hatch for your pleasure. Available in three sizes, its smooth egg and lightly textured mini design make it perfect for those just starting on their weird sex toys journey.

OUR VERDICT: We love the medium hardness for our foreplay!

| Stay at Home

8. Insertable Fantasy Grinder

  • Price: $143.49
  • Best-seller
  • Material is surprisingly soft to medium hardness
  • Awesome grinder and masturbator

Have you ever wanted to take a weird sex toy journey through the unknown? Now you can with the Insertable Fantasy Grinder, complete with an octopus and squid design and tentacle sensations. Made from 100% silicone, this is a one-of-a-kind toy that will allow you to explore your own fantasy world.

Just imagine mounting the wooden mast and rocking the raft back and forth for an adventure you won’t forget! Take off with this weird sex toy today and see what kind of wild journey awaits.

OUR VERDICT: It may look intimidating, but it has blown us away!!

| Stay at Home

9. Ogre Plug

  • Price: $36.33
  • Great sales and a number of customers!
  • All green like your favourite ogre

Ogre Plug is a weird sex toy item that’s taken straight from the Shrek comedy films! It’s not your typical gag gift, but its humorous shape and colorful design make it stand out. If you’re looking for something truly unique to give as a joke present, consider Ogre Plug. It’s made of body-safe antibacterial rubber silicone and can be a great prank for anyone. Or, you know – use it for yourself.

OUR VERDICT: Perfect for collectors! Keep it away from children though 😀

| Stay at Home

10. 3d Printed President JB Novelty Dildo Sex Toy

  • Price: $23.61
  • For decorative use and gag gift
  • Novelty items made from recyclable materials

This unusual item comes in a range of colors that you can even customize at home with paint. Even though this weird sex toy may look appealing, it is strictly for decorative use only and not intended for sexual activities.

OR VERDICT: Not meant for us, but maybe ideal for our politically-inclined readers

| Stay at Home

11. 3d Printed President DT Novelty Dildo Sex Toy

  • Price: $23.61
  • Variety of colours are available

It’s weird to think about it, but now you can this novelty dildo sex toy for your own amusement! This weird sex toy comes in a variety of colours, ranging from silver to gold and even more unique shades. Even though this weird sex toy might seem like something meant for sexual purposes, NOTE that they are simply decorations and NOT actually meant to be used as intended.

| Stay at Home

12. Fox fur butt plug

If weird sex toys are your thing, look no further than the fur butt plug! The perfect tool for exploring your furry fetish and indulging in some intense roleplaying, the fur butt plug is available in faux rabbit or fox tails – yes you read that right. They come in an anime style, so you can bring your wildest fantasies to life.

OUR VERDICT: Hell yeah, to these!!! Get yours now!

| Stay at Home

Starter Cosplay Set For Women/Love Exotic Toys

  • Price: $36.28
  • Popular, selling fast
  • Comes with butt plug fox tail, nipples clamps, kitten play collar choker, cat ears headbands
| Stay at Home

Bunny Tail Butt Plug

  • Price: 38.13
  • Available in 10 colours
  • Available in Silicone Plug or Stainless Steel plug

13. Fist dildo and butt plug

  • Price: $59.95
  • Realistic bitch fist is made from silicone

Made specifically for advanced fisting and stretching pleasure, this ultra-realistic dildo is designed to give a really sensual experience. Not only does it feel just like an actual fist but its texture mimics that of real human skin allowing for maximum fulfillment.

OUR VERDICT: *Raises hand like Freddy Mercury* for ultimate approval

23773 a18933 flesh pink 000?$primary$&h=765&w=574 | Stay at Home

14. Tongue dildo

  • Price: $116.88
  • Large, textured, and curved

Who knew weird sex toys could be so much fun? Tongue dildos may not look like much, but don’t let their small size fool you. They come in all shapes and sizes, usually larger than an average tongue, and are often curved or textured to give you more pleasure. With its firm surface mimicking a real tongue, the tongue dildo gives you sensations that no other weird sex toy can provide.

OUR VERDICT: *Drooling over this * Needs to be in our carts pronto!

| Stay at Home

15. Masturbrator 550G sex toy erotic sextoy for men

  • Price: $64.52
  • Super, weirdly realistic flesh toy with teeth, tongue, and tonsils!

This toy looks, feels and even functions (teeth, tongue and all!) just like the real thing – but without all the fuss associated with a real-life partner. Even the depth and texture of the vajayjay part are super real! With its ultra-realistic feel thanks to its high-grade silicone material and precise detailing, this weirdly weird sex toy is sure to deliver an unforgettable erotic experience that’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

OUR VERDICT: We haven’t tried it out yet, and it looks intimidating. Reviews are really good though.

| Stay at Home
| Stay at Home
| Stay at Home

16. Corn dog butt plug!

  • Price: $37.62
  • Real hot dog!!!!!
  • Available in 4 different hot dog sizes!
  • Also available in sausage and onion kinds and more – whoa!

The weird sex toy market has really taken off lately, with the weirdest of products out there. Who knew that corn dog butt plugs would be one of them? Nobody can really tell if this is a joke, prank, or an actual thing – but people are buying it anyway! It’s amazing how creative and weird some individuals can be when it comes to creating their own sex toys.

OUR VERDICT: Ummmm….. they have other cool butt plugs tho!

| Stay at Home

17. Monster finger dildo and masturbator

When it comes to weird sex toys, the monster finger dildo and masturbator have got to be one of the weirdest out there. Whether you’re looking for a werewolf finger, sorcerer’s finger, or even an alien butt plug, this toy definitely stands out from the crowd. Plus, with its imaginative designs and quirky aesthetic, it promises plenty of fun no matter your level of experience! So why not embrace a few weird vibes in the bedroom?


| Stay at Home
| Stay at Home
| Stay at Home

18. Masturbating Gloves

  • Price: $37.61
  • Perfect for foreplay or BDSM play

Unlike other weird sex toys on the market, this glove has a distinct feature that makes it stand out—it’s created with different textures that stimulate while stroking or penetrating. Ideal if you’re looking for thrilling roughness or soft and gentle pleasure!

OUR VERDICT: Yes, yes, yes!!!

| Stay at Home

19. Hammer vibrator

  • Price: $150.49
  • Flexible and stretchy

Someone is about to get… hammered tonight! The weirdest thing about this one is that it looks like an actual hammer – you know, the kind you’d use for construction work. It features a comfy handle and has a detachable tip that vibrates. This weird tool can be used for external or internal stimulation for sensation that other toys just can’t do. And because it looks so mundane, it’s not something you have to hide from your roommates or children!

OUR VERDICT: Yes, let’s get hammered!

| Stay at Home

20. Vestibule Anal Plug

  • Price: $33.71
  • Perfect for beginners or those wanting to explore…further

It’s designed to stimulate targeted areas without the feeling of being overly intrusive, allowing you to explore new sensations in a comfortable environment. With different sizes and textures available, the vestibule anal plug can help make your bedroom exploration even more diverse and exciting than ever before!

OUR VERDICT: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!!!

| Stay at Home

Weird sex toys are weirdly fascinating! From edible lingerie to a ball gag disguised as a lollipop, you can always find weird and interesting sex toys on the web. Whether it’s for a wild night of fun or to simply avoid at all costs, these 20 weird sex toys will surely leave you with something to talk about.

With choices like inflatable faux animals and more traditional vibrating massagers, it’s hard not to be curious about – but ultimately scared from – the weirdest of weird sex toys.

What are some of the weirdest sex toys you’ve seen? What’s the strangest sex toy you’ve ever used?

20 weird sex toys scaled | Stay at Home

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