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20 Wow-Worthy Backyard IdeasGear up for summer with these amazing backyard fun ideas

Summer is on full swing and house rules may not apply for a while.

Kids and summer just go together, and it’s school holidays so they just want to get out and have fun! They don’t seem to get tired, despite the temps being in the mid 30’s — it is all surf, slide and glide, swing and just having fun under the sun. They will reckon you’re the best mum and dad ever with these 20 amazing backyard fun ideas.

1. In-Ground Trampoline

Not too far to fall from this one! Saves the tears and bruises!

via canbylibrary.info

2. A Giant Checker Board

A mind and body exercise to drive away boredom.

via tinyme.com

3.  A TV Next to the Pool

(Stuff the kids – I want this!)

via criatives.com.br

4. An Ice Hockey Rink

OK, well this one is probably pretty far-fetched…

via trucsetbricolages.com

5. A Cubby House

Cubby houses may be small but it’s almost always part of our childhood memories.



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