7 Simple & Fun Backyard Games for Kids

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7 Simple & Fun Backyard Games for Kids

Many of the backyard games we’ll suggest are incredibly easy to set up and take down in a matter of minutes, which is great news for parents because you also need some time to chill out!

It’s fair to say that the kids will undoubtedly get themselves and their clothes full of blemishes when playing outdoors, so be sure to learn all about these tips for outdoor stain removal. With loads of snacks and cool drinks on hand, you’ll be able to keep children busy for hours in the sunshine!

We all know that school holidays in Australia mean a lot of free time for the kids, but instead of video games, TV, and iPads, how about some enjoyable backyard games?

Of course, it’s always great to have some inflatable water slides for a really epic backyard afternoon, but if you want the kids to get outside for around 30 minutes, then we’ve got just the games. 

Check out the following backyard game ideas if you want something quick and easy to entertain the kids for a while.

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Naughts and Crosses

While older children might roll their eyes, little kids will love the idea of naughts and crosses outside. Find similarly shaped items, such as shells, stones, milk bottles, or whatever else you have in the house or garden, and paint an equal number of crosses or zeros on them. Then simply draw up your board using ribbons or thick string and start the game!

Beanbag Ladder Toss

Most households have a ladder, but if you don’t, then perhaps ask a neighbour or nearby friend if they’ve got one you can borrow. Lay the ladder on the grass and place a piece of paper in the middle of each rung with numbers going from 10, 20, 30, etc. Everyone gets five throws of the beanbag and the family member with the highest total gets a prize (it’s likely to be one of the kids, let’s be honest).

Classic Games

Sometimes, the old ways are the best, as there are certain games that seemingly never go out of style. There’s always time for Pokémon cards and Transformers, but if you want some classic games that kids have loved for years and years, then try these:

  • Hula hoops
  • Skipping ropes
  • Soccer ball and goal
  • Four square with a tennis ball
  • Egg and cup
  • Bubbles
  • Chalk painting
  • Balloon keep-ups

You could even turn these traditional games into an obstacle course, and get your kids to spend a few minutes in each station. Have some fun with it by adding a red scarf that is pretending to be a river of lava, or some stones that are mountains the kids need to jump over!

Play Some Croquet 

As great as cricket can be, it’s sometimes not so easy to set up unless you have acres of space as a backyard. This is why a fantastic alternative is the good old croquet! Sure, it’s probably not as exhilarating as watching Australia play England in the Ashes at the MCG, but kids will love hitting the balls through the hoop using the mallet. 

There are certain rules to follow, but these usually go out the window when children play croquet, so buy a set and just have fun whacking the balls around the backyard.

7 Simple & Fun Backyard Games for Kids I Stay at Home Mum

Hide & Seek

Even older kids can’t resist a few games of hide and seek! If your backyard is a bit smaller, then you can include the house as part of the game. It’s great for parents, too, as you can really take your time and stretch out the game as long as possible (even if it’s pretty obvious where the kids are hiding). Hide and seek is labelled a bit “lame” at some point by children, so make use of it while it’s still considered amusing!

Musical Statues

Similar to musical chairs, this version is a lot of fun because the kids can work off some excess energy and listen to their favourite songs (you can even sneak in some of your choices as well). Just blast a song and get the kids to dance how they like, which is also great for birthday parties, then pause the track and whoever hasn’t stopped like a statue is out until the next round! 

Giant Memory Game

You’ve probably got a few memory games in the house, but as children typically love these, how about trying a giant version? You could print out some A4 sheets of paper with anything from animals to shapes to even Star Wars or Avengers characters… just pick something your kids will enjoy seeing. Choose at least 10 pairs to keep things interesting.

What is your favourite backyard game to play with your kids? What’s the best thing about playing backyard games with your kids?

7 Simple & Fun Backyard Games for Kids I Stay at Home Mum

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