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They say, when dating, you should always put your best foot forward – but should you always?

It’s Valentine’s Day and sure you’ve prepared yourself for this big day for your first ever date, but hold your horses…are you really ready to meet your possible life partner?

So, if dating gives you the heebie-jeebies and you’ve got butterflies in your stomach, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve scoured the internet for the best dating advice and found some on Reddit with users attesting it changed the whole dating game for them. Hope it will for you and good luck in meeting the perfect man/woman for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1. A first date is like making a new friend.

2. Make your standards only as a guideline.

3. Be confident.

4. Be yourself.

5. Add a bit of humour.

6. “Don’t beat around the bush.”

7. Talk about them, not yourself.

8. Don’t talk about “R.A.P.E.”

9. Leave your exes out of the picture.

10. Mixed signals mean “No.”

11. “Ice cream and spaghetti” situations…

12. Think twice about why you want to date someone.

13. The gene pool

14. Do you think you can trust them?

15. Just have a good time.

So, what’s the most effective online dating advice have you ever received?

15 Best Dating Advice People Have Ever Received | Stay at Home Mum

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