50 Great Gifts To Give To TeachersTips To Help Say Thank you This Christmas!

When we write our Christmas gift list, it’s nice to remember our Day Care, Pre-Prep and School Teachers and any other members of the village helping to raise our kids this year!

It’s a lovely gesture to give a little thank-you to the people who have taught, played with and endured our children this past year. But it does not mean you have to spend a fortune or sell a kidney to afford it by any means – there’s so much available for under $20!

The Classics

50. Box of Chocolates


In boxes, in jars, in cellophane bundles, it really doesn’t matter how it’s packaged…because it’s chocolate!

49. Lollies 


See above rules for chocolate. Multicoloured lollies in abundance in a jar with a little tag look really cute too.

48. Natural Soaps


Lovely natural soaps with all sorts of delicious scents make a very pretty pressie.

47. Flowers in a Pot


A fresh bunch or a little pot ready to take pride of place on a kitchen window sill.

46. A Periodic Table of Elements T-Shirt

Grab it from Yellow Octopus for $24.99

Heebie Jeebies Periodic Table of Elements T-Shirt

45. Fancy Teas

her Belly tea tals

Because all Teachers love tea.  Love these teas from Her Belly Tea Tales

44. Gift Vouchers


For coffee shops, book shops, relaxation spas  (just make sure the whole class puts in for this one!) Grab one from Typo – all teachers love Typo!

43. A Pot Plant


For the classroom, staff room or kitchen, a living gift of a plant is a lovely reminder of the year gone by. Maybe make it a cactus or succulent, something easy to care for, teachers have so much to do already!

42. Knee-high Winter Socks


Are they a classic gift idea? Hmm, yes, I’m making them one right now! Super fun, warm and quirky, I love long winter socks. Get a funky pattern of stars, polka dots or your favourite Hogwarts colours.

41. A Wine Glass Bottle

Anyone who has to supervise, care for, teach, wrangle or participate in conversations with children all day, every day, deserves wine. That’s us and teachers. Don’t worry about what sort or wine, it’ll be to someone’s liking on the Christmas dinner table! Probably a good idea to check with the school or daycare first to make sure it’s appropriate – even a nice non-alcoholic based wine would be appreciated

Stockist: Yellow Octopus for $21.99

Big Mouth Toys The Wine Glass Bottle


40. A Doctor Who Tardis Necklace

An official BBC licensed product perfect for Whovians with a sense of style.

Stockist: Yellow Octopus for $12.99

Yellow Octopus Doctor Who TARDIS Necklace | BBC


39. Pen Cups


Teachers became teachers because they love arranging coloured pens in cups, and why not? It’s colour coordination at it’s finest!

38. Coin Purses


Everyone needs somewhere to put their change. Or their paperclips.

37. Novelty Pens


A pen topped with a puppy, kitten or cactus? Yes, yes and yes. Cactus seems popular this year!

36. Journal


The perfect unload after a day of teaching!

35. Photo Frame


Just a simple frame to take home and put their favourite Christmas pics in!

34. Cute Notebook


Not all books need to be for the classroom. Teachers have shopping lists to write too.

33. Magnetic Paperclip Holder


Shaped like a porcupine, the paper clips become the quills. Very Cute!

32. Hole Punch


Not a daggy as it seems, give your youngster a pack of stick on gems and the plain hole punch instantly becomes a pretty gift!

31. Wine Glass


There are plenty of funny-slogan glasses around, or you could just choose a really beautiful, individual glass, especially for your teacher. Make it big. No one likes a tiny wine glass.

Personalise It!

Go to www.zazzle.com.au or www.identitydirect.com.au to order a special gift with your teachers name on it!

30. Calendar


It’s a bit of work, but with the collaboration of other parents, you could make a calendar with photos which have been taken during the year for the teachers to reminisce over next year!

29. Pencil Case


With a name or message printed on, they’ll love it for sure.

28. Pretty Clipboards

pretty clipboards

Not all teachers use iPads, some are decorated in early clipboard quite often. Now they can have a fancy one!

27. Stamps or Stickers


The other reason for becoming a teacher.

26. Water Bottle


How cool? To have one just like the kids they’re teaching! They’ll fit right in!


25. Tote Bag


Teachers need big tote bags. Always have, always will.

24. Coffee Mug or Tea Cup


With a group class pic on it or their name, they will be chuffed with this one, every morning tea break.

23. Memo Cube


I want a personalised memo cube – so, so cute!

22. Notepad


I love the way each page reads ‘A special note from Insert Name’. Awww.

21. Key Ring


So inexpensive and a lovely way to share a special thank you message without taking up lots of space!

Feel Good and Help Others

Why not give a gift to someone who really needs assistance on behalf of your teacher, then give the card with the details of your donation to your teacher for Christmas. It will make their heart sing. Some charities have hand made products to order that you can give as a gift also.

20.Operation Christmas Child


Pack a shoebox full of love, letters, toys, essential learning and hygiene items. For some children, this is the first gift they’ve ever received! Take a pic of your full shoebox before you send it and pop the photo in a card for your teacher.

19. Outreach International


Help provide sustainable solutions to the most extremely impoverished places in the world. Buy a family a goat, donate or shop for a gift that really helps!

18. Oxfam


Support communities in 28 countries around the world with your guilt-free shopping for your teacher! Lots of pretties here!

17. Save The Children

dollar and Donation Box, concept of Donation

You can make a donation that makes a very big difference to children is seriously desperate situations.

16. Hamlin 

A donation of money or purchase a gift for your teacher. Support the Ethiopian college of midwives to help give babies a healthy start.


15.Destiny Rescue


Save a child from human trafficking and forced prostitution. Donate, buy a gift of hand-made jewellery or soap from the many volunteers around the country who donate their time to raise money for this amazing cause.

14.Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Australian Air Force pilot Capt. Russell Adams

For a lot of Australians living in rural areas, the RFDS is literally, a life saver. There are some super cute doctor, pilot and nurse bears in their gift shop.

13. K-Mart or Big W Wishing Tree


Working together with the Salvation Army to brighten as many children’s Christmas as is possible. Buy a new toy and place it under the wishing tree at either department store.

12. St Vinnies


Donate goods or new toys at any St Vinnies this Christmas, you can be sure they’ve got a long list to fill, they do a marvellous job even reaching into their own pockets to fill the gap.



Give a gift to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. These fantastic humans are out there on the streets helping to provide food and shelter for  those who don’t have the basics. You can also take new toys at Christmas to your local branch to be distributed to kids in need.

From Your Heart and Hands

10.Christmas Ornament


A cardboard cut out backed with cellophane, a plain bauble, a paddle pop star, anything covered in glitter by your child to hang on the classroom or home Christmas tree!

9. Knitted Scarf or Beanie


It’s best to start this one in August if you knit at my speed, but it’ll be a very much appreciated gift come the following winter.

8. Crochet Knee Rug


Another winter snuggle gift, these are gorgeous and the colours are up to you!

7. Bookmark


Simple and will be well-used. The kids can get really creative however they choose with this one!

6. Jewellery


Hand-made jewellery is always special, whether you make it with glass beads or coloured pasta, teachers love it.


5. Canvas

Background with blank canvas on wooden table over grunge background

A few dollars on a little canvas at the cheap shop and your child can get their Picasso on.

4. Christmas Cake


If you’re not into making fruitcake, a Lions cake is a great cause to donate to, not to mention delicious!

3. Bikkies


On the topic of delicious, I’ve got it on good authority that homebaked wins hands-down, your kids will be so proud of it too!

2. Balls


Rum, cherry ripe, caramel, chocolate – whatever your favourite! Everyone loves Christmas Balls!

1. A Thank-You Letter


One from you, one from your child. Attached to your gift or given by itself, a handwritten note of gratitude will be treasured forever.

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What gift will you give your Teacher this year?


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