10 Scrumptious Recipes For Your Next BBQ

10 Scrumptious Recipes For Your Next BBQ

Australian BBQ is a big tradition and very much part of the Aussie Culture.

Kids and adults alike look forward to weekend breaks and the family and friends we get to spend time with, the drinks, the fun and of course, the food.

We love the smell of grilled meat — waiting to burst in your mouth with flavour. But as much as we love to cook BBQ dishes, we also have to prepare other recipes to complement the grillicious food, right?

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So we gathered 10 BBQ Recipe ideas that you could serve along with the other picnic goodies to make your cook out even better!

For Starters

Starters could be chips with dips, some rolls quiche, basically anything that could start guests to nibble!

1. Coconut Prawns



Looks inviting, huh? Coconut prawns are great starters. And this scrumptious Coconut Prawn Recipe is gluten free and dairy free too!

2. Devils on Horseback

Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon on Brown Toast
Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon on Brown Toast

These pop in your mouth delicious  treats aren’t called devils for nothing. Devils on Horseback are perfect entrées for parties and on cook outs!


It’s always a good idea to have a fresh salad on the menu.

3. Tropical Rice Salad

cold rice salad with tuna and pineapple
cold rice salad with tuna and pineapple

This Tropical Rice Salad is a refreshing dish to go on your table. Nothing like a sight of greens in a sea of meat.

4. Strip Poker Salad


Strip Poker Salad‘ because the veggies are cut into strips! It’s a simple recipe but having it sliced thin makes it look delicious and attractive. Don’t you think?

Breads and Buns

it’s nice to have bread and some meat slapped between buns. Easy to grab!

5. Frugal Bruschetta



Bruschettas are perfect for cook outs as they’re delicious and incredibly cheap to make. We buy it at the end of the day when it’s on sale since it’ll be toasted anyway — just look for fresh tomatoes!

6. Homemade Hamburgers



Instead of ordering burgers, why not make some at home? Here’s an easy peasy juicy hamburger recipe.

Other Meat Dishes

7. Coca Cola Chicken Wings



Yep, that’s Coca Cola right there, you did read it right the first time. Sounds weird? Well wait til’ you taste it! This Coca Cola Chicken Wings Recipe is a bit similar to Honey Soy Chicken but has a little twist to it. It’s a great party food and will taste well with any chicken cuts near the bones. Truly a delectable one!

8. Sausage Kofta


Sausage Koftas are fairly simple to make and extremely tasty! Make sure to double the batch since everyone will ask for round 2.

9. Sweet Chili Pork Chops

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One super simple recipe that even the kids will love, guaranteed! Just slow on the chili, just enough hint of spice — or try something like barbecue or sweet soy it works just as well! Sweet Chili Pork Chops, yum. Even the name sounds delicious.

10. Satay Chicken Sticks


Well cooked chicken meat in skewers coated in sauce — a sure favourite on your next cook out! Satay Chicken Sticks is a great party food for all and a no hassle one, this recipe only needs 6 ingredients!

Which recipe would you try for your next cook out?

10 Scrumptious Recipes For Your Next BBQ | Stay at Home

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