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Chocoholics – Attention Please!

This list is definitely made for you. Maltesers are already addictive on their own. But these layers and layers of chocolate are out of this world.

P.S. Worth the calories!!!

1. Chocolate Maltesers Ice Cream Cake

chocolate malteaser ice cream cake | Stay at Home Mum

This ultimate Chocolate Malteser Ice Cream Cake from Betty Crocker looks sublime! Please make me one and send to our office – stat!!!!

2. Amazing Maltesers Cake

Oh yeah baby!  This little gem from Taste has been going around the net lately – and I can see why.  Delish Delish Delish!

3. Maltesers Pavlova

maltesers pavlova | Stay at Home Mum

OMFG. Chocolate flavoured Pavlova with a gorgeous Malteser Top thanks to Good to Know!

4. Smashed Malteser Tiramisu


Stay at Home Mum’s very own recipe! Decadent and delicious!

5. Raspberry and Malteser Ice Cream Cake


This is such a winner! It’s yummy, cheap and super easy to make! Just a tip: Make this a day before so it has time to freeze properly and adjust the amount of maltesers and raspberries to your taste. Don’t overdo the raspberries as it might be overpowering.

6. Malteser Cookie Bars



Delicious, cake-y but still tastes like slices (if that makes sense) and very addictive!

7. 3-Ingredient Malteser Fudge

via notey.com

What you need: Maltesers, Dark or Milk Chocolate, A tin of sweet condensed milk and two hands.

8. Salted Caramel No Bake Malteser Slice

18 Maltesers Recipes to Knock Your Socks Off | Stay At Home Mum
via thewhimsicalwife.com

Let’s start with the bottom layer which is crushed malt biscuits blitzed with coconut and drizzled in butter and set into the perfect base to begin adding the main stars. The next layer is rich dark chocolate truffle fudge filled with crunchy pieces of Maltesers throughout. That to die for dark truffle fudge is then smothered in a layer of gooey salted caramel and if that wasn’t enough all finished with a fine layer of milk chocolate and dotted with Maltesers.

– The Whimsical Wife

If this ain’t making you drool, then something’s definitely wrong with you.

9. Malteser Cupcakes


Gorgeous, delicious and heavenly Malteser Cupcakes that are perfect for any occasion!

10. Malteser Rocky Road

Stay at Home Mum
via dutchessroz.com

This easy recipe is perfect for birthday parties, a treat for when you have guests coming over or just for dessert! I’ll whip this up when PMS strikes and I feel like crying for no reason while binge watching movies! It’s like a no fuss, no brainer, my all time favourite recipe!

11. Malteser Millionaire’s Ice Cream Bombe

Stay at Home Mum
via bbcgoodfood.com


This recipe will look gorgeous on the Christmas table – the main star of your Christmas feast! And it tastes as beautiful as it looks!

12. Malteser and Mars Bar Slice

Stay at Home Mum
via bestrecipes.com.au


Another out of this world Malteser recipe to spoil yourself with! I doubt if one slice is enough – I didn’t stop until the sixth slice!

13. 32 – Second Maltesers Milkshake

I’ve never seen anything done this delicious done in less than a minute.

14. Surprise Choc Ripple and Malteser Balls

via bakeplaysmile.com

Rich, flavourful, and addictive no-bake treat!

15. Malteser Chocolate Cake

18 Maltesers Recipes to Knock Your Socks Off | Stay At Home Mum
via sainsburysmagazine.co.uk

Rich chocolate sponge cake and lots of Maltesers!!!!

16. Chocolate Bailey’s Malteser Cake

Stay at Home Mum
via josblueaga.com


This elegant Chocolate Bailey’s Malteser Cake recipe is a dessert fir for a queen. It’s almost too pretty to eat! If you’re looking for something to make that’ll impress your guests with the look and the taste, then this is it.

17. Malteser Chocolate Cookie Tart

Stay at Home Mum


An effortless, chewy and buttery malted cookie topped with rich dark chocolate topped with crunchy chocolate balls.. Ohlala!!!

18. Malteser Mash Slice

This Malteser Mash Slice recipe uses SAHM staples: condensed milk and chocolate, ticking all the boxes for a decadent treat!

19. Malteser Caramel and White Chocolate Fudge

This one’s sooo rich it can buy a house in Beverly Hills! Joking aside, this one’s soo gooey and decadent.

20. Malteser No Churn Ice Cream

Stay at Home Mum
via pomegranatedays.co.za


And finally, this Malteser No-Churn Ice Cream is the perfect finish to every meal. Ice cream and chocolate, my two favourite things in the world (besides wine and coffee), in one delectable scoop. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Do you have your own Malteser recipe? Share them with us and knock our socks off!

20 Maltesers Recipes to Knock Your Socks Off

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