Stay at Home Mum’s Chocolate Section covers all things deliciously chocolately and decadent. We have chocolate cakes, chocolate slices, chocolate confectionery and chocolate desserts.

Frozen Mars Mousse Bar

If this is a dream, don't wake me up!

Moist Chocolate Cake

The easiest, most delicious cake in the entire world!

3 Ingredient Creamy Chocolate Fudge

An Old Fashioned Recipe from Years Ago!

Tim Tam Balls

Chocolate Biscuits Plus Cream Cheese - nom nom

No Bake Toblerone Cheesecake

A Super-Rich Chocolate Cheesecake Worthy of a Special Occasion!

Decadent Baileys Chocolate Mudcake with Halloween Frosting

Delightfully Rich Twist On An Old Classic

Baileys' Chocolate Roll

Oh behave!!

Baileys Infused Everything Parfaits

Adults Only Dessert!

Worms in Dirt Choco Mousse

Perfect Dessert for Halloween

Deep Fried Chocolate Galaxy Bars

It is truly out of this world!

Baileys Chocolate Caramel Lava Cakes

A Sneaky Dessert For Two!

Black Forest Chocolate Ripple Cake

The Town Bike Slice

Cheap, Easy, and everyone loves it!

Traditional Black Forest Cake

Traditional Favourite!

Chocolate Ripple Tarts

Baked Oreo Cheesecake Slice

Don't share with the kids!

Can't F*ck It Up Chocolate Brownies