Stay at Home Mum’s Chocolate Section covers all things deliciously chocolately and decadent. We have chocolate cakes, chocolate slices, chocolate confectionery and chocolate desserts.

Milk Chocolate Filled Wonton Pastries

Cherry and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Chia Choc Orange Slice

Jaffa Style Healthy Slice!

Gooey Condensed Milk Fudge

Chocolate Coconut Rough Slice

Filled with overflowing goodness!

Tim Tam Balls

Chocolate Biscuits Plus Cream Cheese - nom nom

Christmas Trifle with Raspberry Flummery

The Town Bike Slice

Cheap, Easy, and everyone loves it!

Christmas Crack

Raspberry and Malteser Ice Cream Cake


White Chocolate Coconut Truffles

Melts In Your Mouth

Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake: Cheap and Delicious!

Cheap, Rich and Delicious!

Christmas Peppermint Bark

A Christmas Treat You’ll Love To Eat!

Mini Mars Bar Christmas Puddings

Great recipe for the kids to make this Christmas!!

Double Chocolate Caramel Christmas Slice

2-Ingredient Nutella Mousse

By Simple Cooking Club