Stupid Things Men Said To Their Partners During Active Labour

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Stupid Things Men Said To Their Partners During Active Labour

Giving birth isn’t pretty. It’s long, it’s messy, it’s tiring and it bloody well hurts. But what also hurts are these comments made by partners during the labour process, the nerve they have!!!

Seriously ladies, if any of your partners say any of these things – it is a huge RED FLAG!!!! Get out now!

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The Most Stupid Things Men Said To Their Partners During Active Labour | Stay At Home Mum

You Are Making Too Much Noise!

My sister’s husband told her she was making too much noise, and that he needed to get some sleep. They’re not together anymore.

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It’s Can’t Hurt THAT Bad

After 11 hours of labour, and the epidural wasn’t working, my husband looked at me and said ‘Honey, it can’t hurt that bad!’. I looked at him and replied, ‘Come let me twist your testicles’. He backed far, far away.

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It’s Not THAT Bad

‘After birthing like a boss for 15 hours with no pain relief, my husband turned to me and said ‘I don’t know why women make such a fuss. Labour’s not that hard!’.

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The Husband Stitch

‘Sew an extra stitch down there for me Doc, we want everything to be just the same way it was before all of this.’


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He Asked Me to Move

“After about 20 hours of active labour, I wasn’t progressing. My partner asked if I wouldn’t mind moving to the chair, so that he could get some rest as he’d been up all night and was tired.”

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Hurry Up

A midwife in Perth said that she had a husband tell her one time to ‘Hurry the birth up because he had a soccer match to go to.”

Can I Eat The Sandwiches?

“An hour into pushing my husband asked me if I was going to eat the sandwiches he made for me before we left for the hospital. Apparently, he didn’t expect it to take so long and he was so hungry his stomach was hurting”

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My Foot Really Hurts

‘I was in labour all night and ready to go in the morning. My husband was asleep in the chair and when they woke him up, he walked over to me and said ‘My foot really hurts’. Really? Get this man an epidural!’

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He’s Just Heading Home for a Bit

About 30 minutes after our son was born (after a full 24 hours of labour), my husband told me he was going to head home for a bit because he was ‘Exhausted!’.

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He Had Fallen Back Asleep

‘At 3am, I decided it was time to go to the hospital and my husband said he’d get up and was about to get ready. I was on the bouncy ball for half an hour and then went to check on him. He had fallen back asleep’

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He Was Too Tight

‘My partner kicked me out of the car in the ambulance bay, 9cm dilated with my hospital bag and left me to traipse across the hospital carpark and up two flights of stairs on my own because he was too tight to pay for hospital parking’.

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I’m a Little Bit Busy

“My water broke while I was on hospital bed rest. My husband is a teacher, so I needed to get him paged at school. When I told him what had happened, he said “but I am in the middle of teaching. Do you think this can wait until the end of the day?” Thankfully, his coworker pushed him towards the door! “

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The Most Stupid Things Men Said To Their Partners During Active Labour | Stay At Home Mum

It’s All In Your Head

‘My husband told me the pain was in my head, and if I think about something else, it will go away’.

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It Couldn’t Hurt ‘That Bad’

‘My boyfriend showed up to my labour drunk, 29 hours in and tried to tell me I was being dramatic because it couldn’t hurt that bad….’

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The Couch Is a Bit Hard…

‘Mine had the nerve to complain about how uncomfortable the couch was and how much his back hurt…’

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He Is Now My Ex…

‘My ex drove to Wendy’s before going to the hospital. I was having contractions – he told me to be quiet while he ordered…

Then after having an emergency c-section, when we got home he went to pick up my pain pills. He had the audacity to steal pills from me because his back hurt. Dr said it was too early for refills so I had to be in pain for a few days before I got another prescription. Then he complained I wasn’t cleaning up the apartment while he was at work.’

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He Ate WHAT?

‘He ate an entire roast chicken in front of me when I wasn’t allowed to eat for 24 hours.’

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