50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern BrideThat won't cost a bomb!

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  • 50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride

Brides and grooms considered wedding favours not just a way of saying ‘thank you’ to guests but also a complementary part of their overall theme. 

Giving wedding favours is an age-old tradition that have evolved into an important detail in weddings. Some couples have given lavish favours to their such as Swarovski crystal while some skips this detail with a huge consideration for budget. As the old adage that says “it’s the thought that counts”.

In case you have an extra budget to spare, go the extra mile of saying thanks that comes with a gift.

Here are some practical wedding favour ideas we have found in Pinterest that you might just love:

50. Test Tube Tea

A gorgeous, rustic style test tube filled with your own tea flavour and tagged with your names and wedding date.  Classy and timeless and doesn’t cost a bomb.  Flavours include Chai, Earl Grey, Lemongrass & Ginger, Black Rose and Fruit Tea.

These are available from Custom Favours for $3.50 each via Etsy

test tube tea wedding favor | Stay at Home Mum
via bustle.com


49. Personalised Bottles of Limoncello

via altoretti.us

Many people have fallen in love with this sweet and smooth taste of Limoncello. Try your own special mix of this classic Italian liqueur. All you need to have are good lemons, a chic bottle of vodka and a little patience.

48. A Perfect Match

If there is a fire to your new marriage, what about these ‘Perfect Match’ set of Matches!

At only 80c per packet, it is an inexpensive and memorable wedding favour!

Available from Etsy.

perfect match wedding favor | Stay at Home Mum
via mawsonphoto.com

47. Mint to Be

These gorgeous mint rolls are handmade with your names and date of the wedding.  They do come from the United States though so make sure you buy them in advance to allow for shipping.

Price is 80 packs of personalised mints for AU$196.45. (price correct as of June 2018)

Available from Etsy

mint to be wedding favors | Stay at Home Mum
via etsy.com



46. Custom Luggage Tags

Hand-made from leather, have your very own travel quote inscribed in a luggage tag that can follow your guests around the world and back.

Available from Destination Handmade on Etsy

custom luggage tags wedding favors | Stay at Home Mum
via etsy.com


45. Homemade Spicy Sauce

via viscawedding.com

If both of you love anything that’s spicy, have each guest bring home a miniature of your homemade chili sauce and season it with a spicy note.

44. Wedding Favor Candy Jars

via mikisscrapbook.blogspot.com

Oh, these mini candy jars are just divine! Fill them up with your yummy and colourful treats like candy, mints or nuts.

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