10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immunity

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10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immunity

If you’re worried about getting a cold or a flu then the best move would be to boost your immunity.

You can prevent yourself from becoming sick with these viruses by protecting yourself – and it’s really quite simple. It’s simple, but something we have to continuously do and make a habit for it to work!

Wash Your Hands

This is something that unfortunately not everyone does (believe it or not!). To prevent transferring germs all you need to do is wash your hands after going to the toilet, before eating, and after touching your face (especially your mouth and nose). A simple 20 second handwash with soap and water will suffice, but if this is not available a hand sanitiser will do the trick.

For our homemade hand sanitiser recipe click here!

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Lack of sleep can affect your immunity in a big way. No amount of Vitamin C or echinacea will substitute for a decent 7 or 8 hours of sleep for adults (10 or more for children). Lying in bed and napping has also been proven to be almost as beneficial so don’t feel guilty about having that afternoon lie down or nanna nap – it’s good for you!

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Drinking lots of water can help to flush toxins from your body and dehydration will put unnecessary stress on your body. In warmer weather, we really need to have a good fluid intake. Room temperature water with orange slices, herbal tea and fresh juices are good options to help keep you hydrated and healthy. Coffee, caffeinated tea, soft drinks and alcohol will not keep you hydrated as they are diuretics (which means they make you pee more and strip your body of its hydration!) so stay away from too much of those no matter how tempting they are!Fotolia 61349496 Subscription Monthly M | Stay at Home


Exercise builds your body’s defence against viruses. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, four times a week, including walking, swimming and yoga, not necessarily the high powered aerobics or zumba!

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Eat Fruits and Vegetables 

At the bare minimum, consume 2 fruits and 3 vegetables daily – but if you can eat more than that it’s a good idea! Nutritionists actually recommend you eat 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of veggies per day! Definitely opt for food instead of vitamin supplements if you can.

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Cut Back on Your Sugar Intake

Did you know that only a couple of tablespoons of sugar a day in your diet can decrease immune function by up to 40 percent as it slows the activity of white blood cells? White blood cells fight off infection in the body.

Food plays a huge role in your body’s immunity defence mechanisms so here are a few you can add to your diet during the cold and flu season.
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White Tea

While herbal and green teas help boost immunity, why not try white tea? Now I’m not talking about your average black tea with milk added; white tea is much less processed than even green tea so has more antioxidants, which means it is better for the immune system than other teas. It’s also lower in caffeine and less bitter than green tea. It is best drunk without milk or sugar. Try for 2-4 cups a day to get the best results!

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Red Capsicum

Red capsicums  have more than double the Vitamin C of a large orange – so instead of drinking loads of orange juice – increase your capsicum intake! Vitamin C is also found in broccoli, parsley, kiwi fruits and melons.
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Pumpkin Seeds  

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc which is essential to make the immune system’s T cells and increases the  number of infection fighting white blood cells. Zinc is actually not common in many fruits and vegetables so you can eat a healthy diet and easily not get enough zinc. Oysters, crab and legumes are other non-meat zinc sources.
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Yoghurt contains probiotics which are good bacteria that live in our intestines and support our immune systems. Look for yogurts with acidophillus, lactobacillus and bifidus in the ingredients list.

So, with a few easy steps, you may be able to prevent yourself from all kinds of nasties!

What do you do to boost your immunity when you’re feeling a little run down?

If you become concerned about your or anyone else’s health please seek immediate medical attention or go to our health hotlines and website post for further resources 

SAHM takes no responsibility for any illness, injury or death caused by misuse of this information.  All information provided is correct at time of publication. 

10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immunity | Stay at Home

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