14 Foolproof Places to Hide Christmas Gifts

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14 Foolproof Places to Hide Christmas Gifts

So you shopped for Christmas gifts weeks early, got them at a bargain and it’s just what your kids/hubby/friend wants.

Now, where do you hide the Christmas Presents from the kids in the lead-up to Christmas Day???? Here are the prime Christmas Present hiding spots around your home!

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Now, where to hide your Christmas Presents?

I don’t think friends or relatives would be a problem. They aren’t always going to be at your home all day, every day. And I’m quite sure my hubby (most guys) isn’t the sneaky type. But kids.. hunting for presents gets them excited so that’s where your problem lies. Some don’t even stop til they find it! (I know because I’ve picked on every corner in our house when I was young just to peek on what my parents bought for me and compared it to the other gifts lol )

Though it will depend on the age and personality of your child(ren), I’m quite sure something will trigger them to do the hunt. You need to be clever so they don’t find it til’ it’s time.

1. In the boot of the car

This one isn’t an option for SUVs or hatchbacks. If you have a car with a boot that you can lock, then it’s going to be a great place to hide from small kids. Just make sure they don’t find the key!

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2. In cardboard boxes or an empty suitcase on the top shelf of the walk-in robe

This is a really awesome place to hide the gifts. They’ll think the suitcase and boxes are stuffed with old or unused clothes!

3. The top of the laundry cupboard behind the sheets

My kids AVOID the laundry room. So I’ve tried hiding the gifts there before. If your kids are like mine, then the laundry room is a no-go place for them.

4. At the back of the cleaning cupboard

My kids also avoid the cleaning cupboard bahaha. They rarely clean the house unless I tell them to do so – so might as well add this to the list. A bucket can hide lots! Put the cleaning stuff in the front and you’re good.

The vacuum cleaner box (if you still have it) is also a great way to hide the gifts whilst they are in the cleaning cupboard – double whammy!

5. At the bottom of the ironing basket

If you’re the one doing the ironing, then you have another place to hide those presents!

Make sure to cover them properly with all the clothes that need to be ironed – which will probably happen next year, after all the holiday fuss. The moment they go near it ask them to help you out – then watch them disappear quickly.

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6. In the Christmas Tree box

Who would think that after putting up the Christmas tree, there’s still something inside the box? That’s right, no one. Even better if that box is in the shed!

7. At their Grandparent’s house

If you don’t have a place in your house, then keeping it at their grandparent’s house is a really great idea. There would be a lot of off-limits space at their house for sure!

8. The Garden Shed

The Garden Shed is usually full of boxes, dust and spiders, so the kids will rarely (if ever) go in there.  Wrap the gifts first, maybe place an old sheet over the top and plonk them in an old box in the shed!

9. At the back of a lockable filing cabinet

A filing cabinet looks boring. Boring means it won’t attract children. They won’t even look in the direction of the filing cabinet. Trust me.

10. In the roof space

Unless your kids are old enough, the roof space would look creepy or too dusty for them.  Put them wrapped just inside the ceiling access.

11. Mummy or Daddy’s underwear drawer

Who would want to look inside mum and dad’s underwear drawer? Right at the back.  Stuff g-strings on the top to really put them off!

12. Nappy Boxes Under Kids Beds

If you still have little babies at home – you will know just how many disposable nappy boxes are lying around.  Well stuff the nappies somewhere else, and stuff the Christmas Gifts in there instead!.  I used to stuff my nappy boxes under the older kids beds, so you could even do this – putting their own Christmas presents under their beds!  How sneaky is that!

13. In the Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen pots work reaallyy well. Put the presents inside a large pot and then keep it in a cupboard behind all the other pots and your secret will be safe!

14. If all else fails, wrap them early and put it under the Christmas tree

..without a name! That’ll kill the hunting process for them.

Last tip: Change it up every year!

14 Foolproof Places to Hide Christmas Gifts | Stay at Home Mum

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