Stay At Home Mum’s Special Occasions section is a collection of recipe ideas that you can use during special events and holidays. An anniversary or a birthday this month? We have your back!

Dangerously Delicious Halloween Platter

Decadent Baileys Chocolate Mudcake with Halloween Frosting

Delightfully Rich Twist On An Old Classic

Pretty In Pink Halloween Platter

So Deliciously Dangerous!

Baileys Infused Everything Parfaits

Adults Only Dessert!

Crunchy Witch Fingers

Scary Biscuits for Halloween!

Nigella's Morello Cherry Pavlova

Raspberry & Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Cake

Perfect Alternative Dessert for Christmas Day!

Traditional Black Forest Cake

Traditional Favourite!

Baked Oreo Cheesecake Slice

Don't share with the kids!

Fully Loaded Fries

The Ultimate Southern Style Coleslaw

Manu's Asian-Style Mussels

By Manu Feildel

Easy Salmon Terrine

By Manu Feildel

Cauliflower Cheese Cob Loaf Dip

Deep-Fried Blooming Onion

Sweet and Buttery French Lemon Madeleines

Delicate and Delicious Little Bite Sized Cakes