10 Tips for Reducing Your Grocery BillSave Money on Your Food!

Tips for Reducing Your Grocery Bill

Everyone wants tips and new ideas for reducing the cost of your grocery bill – after all it is one of the largest family expenses! Here are some easy tips everyone can do to reduce that bill!

Tip 1:  Before you Leave Home – Check your Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer

What do you already have in your cupboard, fridge and freezer that you can turn into a meal? Get out a pen and paper and do a stocktake of what you have. Get out that bit of meat at the back of the freezer (provided it’s not been in there more than 12 months). Sad looking carrots in the bottom of the fridge? Provided they aren’t inedible, chop them up and whack them in a casserole or grate them to use in a carrot cake. Apples all bruised? – make an Apple Charlotte or use them in an apple pie.

Stretch your food further. You have to design a menu around what you have to minimize wastage. Making your food go further and using up what you have before re-stocking is just plain good sense.

If you are constantly throwing out food in your home because it goes bad before you get a chance to use it – try our Pink Basket Method!

Ways to Save on Your Grocery Shop | Stay at Home Mum

Tip 2:  Plan What You Are Going to Eat in the Next Week

Plan your meals for the week or fortnight before you go shopping. Write it up and put it on the fridge so you know ingredients you have for whatever meal you feel like tonight (that’s on the list!).  Try to only go to the shops if you run out of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Bread and milk can be purchased in bulk and frozen if you have the room.

If you have a good plan as to what you are going to enjoy eating, you can plan for it accordingly and add the necessary ingredients to your shopping list.

Download our FREE pantry staples list to help you!

How to Save Money on Groceries | Stay at Home Mum

Tip 3: Don’t Do All Your Shopping at the Supermarket.

Make sure you check out the discount stores for items like washing up powder and dishwasher tablets, they often have great deals as they take the over-supply from the big chains – and pass those savings on to you.

So check out:

  • Local Markets
  • Country Markets
  • Cheap Stores
  • Online Bulk Supply Stores

How to Save Money on Groceries | Stay at Home Mum

Tip 4: Check for Specials Online

Before you leave to go food shopping, check online for the best weekly specials.  Sometimes it’s worth going to more than one shop if they have something on sale that you use a lot of.  Just beware that often sale items have a shorter shelf or fridge life, so make sure you will use it up before it goes bad.  Discount supermarkets such as Aldi or IGA are a great place to get good basic staples and don’t discount the generic brands.  Try them first to see if you like them before purchasing in bulk

Here are the websites to check the details on specials:

Tip 5: Needs Versus Wants

Supermarkets are designed to tempt you to spend.  Before you reach out and grab something that wasn’t on your list – ask yourself – do you really NEED it? After all – we are trying to reduce the bill. If I’m on a really tight weekly budget, I like to shop how my Great Grandmother might have shopped – basics – use up everything – no wastage. Think tea, flour, sugar, butter etc. No processed items – you can cook it yourself. Know what’s in your food, it is healthier for your family and much tastier.

‘But I don’t have time’ you cry!

Make time – make baking enjoyable, get the kids involved. Many muffins, biscuits and cakes can be cooked in bulk frozen so everything will stay fresh. I have an awesome biscuit recipe that makes 120 biscuits in one go for really basic ingredients – lasts me all month!

How to Save Money on Groceries | Stay at Home Mum

Tip 6: If Something You Use Regularly is on Sale – Buy it!

Buy in bulk! But first, make sure it is a bargain. Unit pricing is a wonderful invention compulsory in supermarkets now so you can compare brands to see if you’re getting the best deal. The best way to save money buy buying in bulk is to purchase your meat – meat is one of the most expensive parts of the food shop.  If you have the money up front and the room, it can be a terrific way of saving you some cash.

Great items to buy in bulk when they are on sale include:

Items NOT to buy in bulk – even if they are on sale:

  • Bread (it takes up too much room)
  • Sweet Biscuits, Treats and Chocolate (you know why!)

How to Save Money on Groceries | Stay at Home Mum

Buy quality meat on the cheap – check out our list of Budget Butchers

Tip 7:  Stick to the Basics

Buy basics. Tins of tomatoes, pasta noodles, rice, mince, flour, sugar, butter. There are a thousand things you can make from such ingredients. Mince is so versatile. I make up a big batch of savory mince (great on toast), add a tin of tomato soup – it’s a bolognese sauce. Add a pinch of curry powder and you have something different again. I love gravy beef too – it makes tasty pies and casseroles. Every ingredient must be able to be used in many ways.

If the groceries you buy are versatile, you are more likely to use them up!

How to Save Money on Groceries | Stay at Home Mum

Tip 8:  Cook in Bulk or Try Once a Month Cooking

Cook in bulk quantities. Have enough left over for hubby to take for lunch the next day or the kids to take to school. Make enough so you can have a night off and just grab something out of the freezer. Freezer cooking is a great way to save both time, money and electricity! We have a terrific recipe that makes 120 biscuits!

Grab a copy of our book ‘Once a Month Cooking’ which shows you step by step on how to cook in bulk and freeze for later!

Once a Month Cooking eBook | Stay at Home Mum

Once a Month Cooking is available from Angus & Robertson

Tip 9: Always Check Your Receipt

Supermarkets, like people, make mistakes.  Always double check your docket before leaving the supermarket.  If you have been charged incorrectly most of the time (depending on the store policy) you can get a full refund on the item!  Especially check the items that are on sale and that the discount has been applied.

Tips on How to Reduce Your Grocery Bill | Stay at Home Mum

Tip 10:  Use a Smaller Trolley

You know how a few tips ago I said that Supermarkets can be tricky?  Well this is one of their tricks.  Over the years, the size of the shopping trolley has significantly increased.  Why?  Because we naturally think we are done shopping when the trolley is FULL. So the bigger the trolley, the more we buy.  If you are only popping into the supermarket for a few items, pick up a basket.

A smaller shop can use those smaller half-trollies.  It really does affect the brain, so pick the smallest one possible!

How to Save Money on Groceries | Stay at Home Mum

What other tips can you add to this list?


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