Stay at Home Mum’s Sauce Section covers both sweet and savoury sauces. We have home made sweet chili sauce which would make a great gift, sauces for chicken, sauces for desserts and cakes and sauces for breakfasts. Saucy!

How to Make Caramel in a Slow Cooker

Delicious soft caramel!

American Style White Gravy

Good On Pretty Much Everything

Basic Mayonnaise

Why Buy It When You Can Make It?

Super Creamy Mayonnaise


Homemade Egg-Free Mayonnaise

Yep, Not An Egg In Sight!

How to Make Homemade Gravy

It really is so easy!

Spicy Mango Chutney

That Spice, So Nice

Steak Diane With Fountains Of Flavour

A Weeknight Staple!

How to Make Rich Tomato Sauce at Home

For pizza, pasta and cooking!

Authentic Butterscotch Sauce

Just Like Nanna Used to Make

Homemade Condensed Milk

So. Damn. Easy. Drink it up!

Natural Salad Dressings

Butterscotch Sauce

Pour it all over my body!

Marinade for a BBQ

Blue Cheese and Walnut Dip

So many naughties rolled into a delicious dip!

Mayonnaise Lots of Ways

Homemade Barbeque Sauce

Seafood Sauce