50 Fantastically Frugal Tips for Families

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50 Fantastically Frugal Tips for Families

Saving money, and monitoring budgets, can be hard work, particularly when you’ve got a family to provide for.

Is it really possible for families to be frugal without losing their minds? Absolutely!

We love frugal tips at SAHM. In fact it’s the very core of our attitude when it comes to families and spending. Being frugal doesn’t always need to be about missing out, sometimes, it’s about making smart choices now, for rewards later. Here are some of our favourite frugal tips.

Let us know yours as well!

How to Audit Your Grocery Bill in 7 Minutes (and Save Tons) | Stay at Home Mum
How to Audit Your Grocery Bill in 7 Minutes (and Save Tons) | Stay at Home Mum

How to Save Money on Food

1. Shop Seasonally and Locally

Hit your local farmers market and get an idea of what’s in season, that’s where the savings are.  Even better, go to the markets about an hour before they close, farmers often don’t want to take any unsold produce home and reduce the price – so grab the good deals!

2. Cook From Scratch

Convenience foods can be handy, but they eat up your money fast. Anything, from pasta sauce to muffin bars, can easily be made at home for less.

Stay at Home Mum

3. Use Everything Up!

Avoid throwing away money through food waste. Make stock from chicken bones and save vegetable pieces for stock, stews or compost. Even keeping the crusts of the bread and keeping them together in the freezer can be made into stuffing.  Before you throw it out – think about how you can use it up.

4. Menu Plan

Sit down and properly figure out what you’ll be eating for the week, fortnight or month. This makes it easier to shop effectively, waste less, and trim excess.

5. Don’t Go In-between Shopping

50 Fantastically Frugal Tips for Families | Stay at Home Mum

Work hard to get everything you need in one shop. Going to the shop in-between generally results in more money spent unnecessarily.

6. Price Up Meals

Take some time to price up your favourite family meals and think about how you can cut the serving cost down. Under $10 meals can be delicious, check out our Under $10 Recipes!

7. Always Look At Unit Prices

When shopping don’t get caught up in the overall price, look at the unit price and then compare.

8. Buy In Bulk

Buy in bulk if you can, either online or locally. Also if something you use regularly is on sale, buy in bulk and store it.

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9. Have a Meat Free Monday

Have a few meatless nights in a week. Meat is expensive, but it can be easily and nutritionally replaced with beans, legumes and hearty vegetables. A couple of delicious meat-free recipes that are family friendly include:

bigstock Organic Paleo Cauliflower Rice 116835944 | Stay at Home
Healthy Cauliflower Fried Rice

10. Start A Vegetable Garden

If you have green space, use it to grow some vegetables. Look at quick yield items like eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers. No space? Grow herbs on your balcony.

11. Share And Swap

When you start growing vegetables, network with others around you for useful swaps. Got chickens? Swap eggs for vegetables or vice versa.

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12. Avoid Snack Size

Kids love ‘snack size’ items, but they’re a black hole in the budget. Buy big and then split up at home, saving your wallet and the environment.

13. Double Up And Freeze

When you’re making a family favourite, double all the ingredients and then freeze the leftovers. This stops you from opting for takeaway on a lazy day.

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14. Slowcook Cheap Cuts

Choose cheaper cuts of meat and then whack them in the slowcooker for juicy, tender and delicious meals at low costs.

15. Have A Cook Up Day

Spend a day with your kids, or by yourself, in the kitchen making a week, fortnight or month of bread, pasta sauce or snacks that can be frozen to save on convenience food purchases.

50 Fantastically Frugal Tips for Families | Stay at Home Mum

16. Do A Grocery-Free Week (or month!)

Challenge yourself to use everything in your fridge and pantry one week, potentially saving hundreds on shopping that week.

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