By Jenna Gallina
Have you always wanted to try freezer cooking but are unsure of where to start? Does the idea of cooking an entire month’s worth of meals in one day send you into a panic? Do you feel like you are … Continued
  By Krissy Hacker
It’s tax time again, and like many Australians, if you’re due a refund you’re about to be flushed with extra funds. Even if you haven’t lodged yet (what are you waiting for?!) it’s time to start thinking about what to … Continued

Spending Your Tax Return

From Frivolously Fun to Tediously Responsible

  By Jody Allen
I love Apricot Chicken done in the slow cooker – it bubbles away all day making you so hungry.  The kids are huge fans too.  I love it served with mashed potato, but then you can have it on anything … Continued
  By Jody Allen
There are thousands of work at home (WAH) jobs out there, ranging from party plan to transcription to data entry to freelance writing or photography and so on. Many of them seem really great and they offer lots of great … Continued
  By Kelly Ninyette
Master manipulator, Hungarian dancer Josephine Tzany, murderess from the 20s, was left broken hearted after having an affair with a married man, only to be unceremoniously dumped when his wife found out. Josephine was dealt a further blow when the … Continued

A Passion For Poison

Josephine Tzany

  By Kylie Briggs
So the long awaited film version of the saucy Fifty Shades of Grey novel has finally been completed and, unlike the sexual escapades of Mr Grey and Miss Steele in the bestselling novel, most of us were left highly UN-satisfied … Continued
  By Krissy Hacker
One of the most common Stay At Home Mum tax time questions is “Do stay at home mums have to lodge a tax return?” The answer to this question is maybe. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not need … Continued

Lodging A Tax Return

A Basic Guide For Stay At Home Mums

  By Jody Allen
The One Plus One By Jojo Moyes Reviewed by Jody Allen The plot of The One Plus One sounds truly boring – down and out lady meets rich guy that turns out not to be rich and they embark on the … Continued
  By Jody Allen
Sometimes we just need to pull our belts in immediately. We might get a big unexpected bill, or Christmas is coming up and there isn’t much surplus cash, a member of your family could have been ill; there are a number of … Continued
  By Jenna Gallina
It’s 4:00 pm; there is no food in the house and the kids come home from school complaining of rumbly tummies. This is an every day occurrence in my home and (bad mummy confession) most of the time I am … Continued
  By Saskia Brown
Having trouble getting to sleep? Sleep is important. It is easier to practice being a strong, calm woman and mother when you’re well rested rather than running on empty. The quality of your sleep affects your life in the short … Continued
  By Jody Allen
If you formula feed, you know all about the tins.They look so handy and the contents were used so quickly! They cost you near-on $20 but most of us end up just throwing them away.  Here are some fabulous uses for … Continued
  By Emma Boyce
She was a kind, gentle. traditional “Italian Mama.” Leonarda Cianciulli was born in 1893 and, having endured a grim childhood and a dreary life – born out of rape to her mother and then apparently “cursed” by her for choosing … Continued

The Soap Maker of Coreggio

Leonarda Cianciulli

  By Jenna Gallina
Never thought you would say that? But you did. And we have proof! We recently asked our fans What’s the One Thing You Never Thought You’d Say to Your Kids As a Parent? and, oh man, did we ever get some awesome … Continued

Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

Things We Say as Parents

  By Clancy Briggs
You’d be hard pressed to find a parent these days that isn’t a member of some kind of parental support group and with the convenience and anonymity of social media, more and more women are turning to “Mummy Blogger” sites … Continued

Mummy Bloggers

Do They Do More Harm Than Good?

  By Jody Allen
Nobody ever wants to think about drawing up a will, but it’s an incredibly important thing to do, especially if you have children.  Assets, such as a house, vehicles, investments, or anything else with a monetary value all need to … Continued
  By Clancy Briggs
It’s not uncommon for serial killers to collect souvenirs from their victims. In fact, a startling amount of psychotic murderers crave an item of remembrance, either from the area the murder took place, or off the body itself. But Vera … Continued