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  • Forty Five Essentials For Camping

    Camping. You either love it or you hate it. My family, we love it. No, I don't love bugs and no I don't love the 17 piles of washing that... read more

  • Five Breakfasts In Under Five Minutes

    Enjoy breakfast with your family without the hassle or the cleanup with these five easy breakfasts in under five minutes: The Challenge:  Last week we took part in Coles 7 Day... read more

  • Digital Advertising Manager

    Stay at Home Mum is current seeking a full time Digital Advertising Manager to work with our current advertising team.  The position would involve working remotely (ie from your own... read more

  • Behind the Scenes in the Stay at Home Mum Kitchen

    What's it like behind the scenes in the Stay at Home Mum kitchen? We'll show you. The Stay at Home Mum kitchen/office doubles as Jody Allen, founder of Stay at... read more

  • 19 Ways to Make Your Baby Feel Better When Sick

    Kids get sick. That's what they do. And while older kids have the ability to tell us what hurts and what is wrong, babies and toddlers are unable to communicate this... read more

  • Which Muppets Character Are You?

    Okay, hands up, how many parents out there love watching kid's movies? I am the first to admit that I just love having an excuse to watch some of the... read more


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  • Anzac Ice Cream Sandwich

    Anzac Ice Cream Sandwich has the two best parts of Australian favourites placed together for an Anzac Day

    Posted 8 hours ago
  • Hash Brown Lasagna

    So when you need a twist on a traditional lasagna but need to win over the family this

    Posted 1 day ago
  • Anzac Pavlova Nests

    Anzac Pavlova Nests are delicious little individual creamy desserts bites that will take you back to your childhood years!

    Posted 2 days ago
  • Cut Out The Crap Choc Mint Fudge

    Didn’t have enough chocolate over Easter? Or maybe you over-indulged just a little? This fabulous recipe from Cut

    Posted 3 days ago


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What’s new with Stay at Home Mum? How about this awesome new competition? Every month you now have the chance to win a great prize, valued at $500! This month it’s a $500 Babies R Us Gift Card. Simply by clicking and completing the short survey you will be entered into our monthly draw. Enter Read More


  • My Kids

    • Baby Shower Games and Prizes
      One of the best parts about being pregnant is having a party and the baby shower games and prizes!! There are hundreds upon hundreds of them out there, but we have collated a baby shower games list fo...

    • 53 Things You Swear You'd Never Do Before Having Kids
      Kids may say the darnedest things but adults say some pretty dumb stuff about how they plan on parenting before they have kids. I love listening to my non-parent friends tell me how they are going to...

    • Star Chart For Success
      Nothing can ever prepare you for that phone call from your child’s day care centre. You know the one that makes you hold your breath throughout the entire initial pleasantries where you’re silentl...

    • Chemical Pregnancies and Early Miscarriage
      You have the tell-tale signs. Your period is late and your nipples are tender. To confirm your suspicions, you head to the chemist and purchase a pregnancy test. You rush home, anxious for the results...

    • Letter from an ‘Allergy Child’ Parent
        Dear Parents of the 'Easy' kids,   It has been brought to my attention on more than a number of occasions that children with allergies are becoming quite a nuisance for you. As a...

  • My Lifestyle

    • Body Dismorphic Disorder
      If you think back over the course of history, body image has always played an important role for women, regardless of the era. We’ve seen everything from corsets to cat suits to cosmetic surgery, al...

    • Mothers Day Classic 2014
        When you think of mothers, what picture immediately comes to mind? Do you picture a loving, nurturing woman, maybe cooking your favourite meal or driving you around to an appointment or...

    • Home Remedies for Colds and Flus
      Colds and flu can hit at any time of year - mostly in winter, but you can suffer the odd one in the warmer weather too. Unfortunately there is no cure for cold and flu viruses, and usually prevention...

    • Mums on Drugs
      Whoa!! How’s that topic for a bit of controversy with your morning coffee! Now before you paint a sordid picture of me sitting amongst my children, watching play school and “puffing with the magic...

    • Australian Soap Stars: Where are they now?
      Gone are the days where you had more than enough time to sit down and catch up with every Australian soap on TV, but SAHM have done some digging and found out what happened to some of the stars who g...

  • House & Home

    • Doing the Laundry
      Now as a Mum, there are some jobs around the house I loathe and some I really quite enjoy. The main one is LAUNDRY. Yes I love it - I could do it all day! I love the smell of washing powder in the m...

    • Home Made Window Cleaner
      Why buy expensive window cleaner when you can make your own - and it's soooo easy!  Here are a few different recipes depending on what you have on hand at home! Classic Clean Plain old Whit...

    • How to Clean a Baby Car Seat
      Not a day goes past I don't get asked how to clean a baby car seat.  As Mums you know that you can expect your baby’s car seat to take quite the beating. From milk and vomit to juice spills, from p...

    • Real Estate Translations
      We've all been there, scoured through the real estate ads and websites, looking for the perfect little patch of paradise. It's all very well to emphasise the positives and carefully avoid the negative...

    • Kitchen Tricks To Keep Up Your Sleeve
      Some jobs in the kitchen seem like they either take an eternity or are just too painful to tackle, and when it comes to cooking some dishes, they either make a huge mess or are just too tricky. Who...

  • Activities

    • Forty Five Essentials For Camping
      Camping. You either love it or you hate it. My family, we love it. No, I don't love bugs and no I don't love the 17 piles of washing that comes from arriving home but, for the most part, I do love get...

    • 10 Easter Games for Kids
      Every kid loves Easter. It's a holiday away from school and you get free chocolate – what's not to love? Easter games are a great way to have fun at an Easter party, so be sure to plan a couple of f...

    • April School Holiday Activities - State by State
      Looking for some free or really cheap things to do with your kids these school holidays? Have a go at some of these! PERTH Head to the WA Museum on Saturday 12th April between 10am and 4pm for...

    • Which Muppets Character Are You?
      Okay, hands up, how many parents out there love watching kid's movies? I am the first to admit that I just love having an excuse to watch some of the classic movies I used to watch as a kid with my ow...

    • Win a Diamondback Bike Pack Valued at $600
      This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who entered To all the active mums and dads out there – we have an amazing competition for you! Thanks to our frie...

  • My Money

    • 50 Simple Ways to Save Money
      If saving money seems like too hard a task, it's good to start slow. Here are 50 simple ways to save money - start today! 1. Track your expenditure. Use a diary or if you have a Smart Phone use an...

    • Modern Day Co-Ops
      Co-operatives or “co-ops” spring up in lots of different ways these days. A co-op is simply any group of people who do something together for their mutual benefit. The benefits can be a huge range...

    • Superannuation for Mums
      Do you know how much you have in your super? Well, if you're anything like me, then the answer is no. My husband's superannuation amount is so clear - he knows exactly how much he has in and where it...

    • Are You Ready to Buy a House?
      How many times have you browsed through the real estate section of the paper just to see what is out there? As a self-confessed real estate addict, I have to admit that I just love shopping for houses...

    • Reducing Your Electricity Bill
      We all know how important it is to reduce the amount of electricity we use. Not only can it cut down on our electrical costs but it can also reduce our carbon footprint. I don't know about you but, wh...

  • Shopping

    • 100 Gift Ideas for Mum
      Need some thoughtful gift ideas for Mum for all budgets?  Whether it is for Mother's Day, Christmas, Mum's birthday or just to say 'you're special', here are our suggestions with all price ranges in...

    • Mersey Valley Pickled Onion Cheese
      Our find of the day is for Mersey Valley Pickled Onion Cheese - sound gross?  No way.  This cheese is a taste sensation.  In fact I would go as far as to say that this cheese is responsible for my...

    • Ten Gifts New Parents REALLY Want
      We all know that deer-in-the-headlights feeling when someone close enough to us to warrant buying presents is having a baby or their baby is already one or two and this year the parents are having a p...

    • Gift Wrapping Ideas for Valentines Day
      Valentine's Day is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering chocolates, and sending greeting cards, also known as "valentines". I've never...

    • Tips for Reducing Your Grocery Bill
      Everyone wants tips for reducing the cost of your grocery bill - after all it is one of the largest family expenses! Here are some easy tips everyone can do to reduce that bill! Tip 1: Do a Stockta...